What is the syntax for a constant Text in Text functions


You can see from the screen captures that

returns 3 as expected

But what is the syntax for literals in text functions.
=Len(“XYX”) ; double quotes do not work
=Len(‘XYB’) ; single quotes do not work
=Len(‘XYX’) ; escaped quotes do not work

I do not want to create an attribute just to store constant text. Thanks in advance.


see: DC Text functions

… if the value is a number

… otherwise, perhaps:

(I am surprised that there is no TEXT() function like most spreadsheets, … but in DCs the default unit is Text.)


Strange, I can,t repeat this on windows…is it a Mac thing?
Best can do is by clicking the X,Y,Z attributes into the len arguments



I am using a Mac, with SU pro 2013.3.329

It looks like it is working for you. I assume

atest = LEN(“ZYX”)

returns 3 when you evaluate.