What is the "replay tool"?


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Subject has it: What is the “replay tool”? I have a bug I want to present, and the “replay tool” would make reporting it short and succint, but I can’t find it within SketchUp, or the SketchUp Support Site, or directions for enabling it in this forum!

Please! Let me know how to access it!


??? WOW

It should be the Reply window and is related to replying to a post here on the site, and has nothing to do with Sketchup.
Someone explained in your quote how to add an attachment to your posts on this site.


I believe that’s a typo. It should say “reply” and it is referring to uploading an image in your reply here on the forum.

ely862me wins. :slight_smile:



I just marked your reply as the Solution to the question I asked.

But that brings up my REAL question!

How do people on this (and other) SU forums create the animated vignettes to illustrate solutions? Is it just careful use of a video screen grabber? I was HOPING that the “re play tool” did that within SU!

Drat! Using ** to begin bold type doesn’t work in the middle of a word! Above, I wanted to emphasize the word “play” within the word “replay”!


There are a number of screen capture apps thatcan make animated GIFs. I use LICEcap after another SketchUp sage introduced me to it.

I think ely862 got in with the solution first. :wink:



I Initially gave the “Solution” blessing to you because you were explicit about the original “replay” being a typo of “reply”. Your “typo” leaped out at me. But since you think @ely862me deserves credit, I’ve changed my “Solution” designation.

My hopes that the original “replay tool” (now revealed to be a typo) existed within SU are now officially shattered. I’ve got SnagIt on my computer – I’ll use that.




I have a button inside SU that launches ‘licecap’ which I keep set a a forum friendly size…

something similar should be possible on a PC…



In another topic I started, I successfully recorded a portion of my screen in a video that ran slightly less than a minute. I then used the upload tool. I was expecting it to embed in the post, but it uploaded as a link - which readers had to download to watch.

I have seen many small screen capture videos embedded in forum posts and I’m now wondering how to do it. Could it be as simple as file size? (Mine was roughly 2MB) … and a smaller uploaded video would have appeared embedded in the post?


On a PC, the opensource ScreenToGIF also works well. A frame editor is included.



For PCs there’s also GifCam.exe v5.1


I have used Gifcam in the past, but today it started to not behave, creating green background and big file size. It was also stopping after some time without logic…


There seem to be unstated constraints on file size for uploading images and animations. They involve both the pixel dimensions of the image/animation and the total file size. Ones that are small enough embed directly in your post and animate automatically. Ones that are a bit larger require a click to activate the animation. And ones that are a bit larger than that get links. And, of course, uploads must always be smaller than 3MB regardless of what they are.


Hmmmmm … Experiment, I shall …


GIFs are supported image files types which also can be set to be animated in a continuous loop when created.

Some other things like YouTube and 3D Warehouse can be added as page links yet show up as embedded video and 3D WebGL viewer, respectively, because of custom gadgets added to this forum platform.