What is my mistake using M-tool?



ds332_BlkhdRCKR.skp (128.4 KB)
End-Arc + Cir <-, 1" Left …


I don’t know. What are you trying to do?

And what’s with the cryptic posts again?


Thanks for the active Demo!
I tried to use M ove- clk’d on Ctr. > ø

To help cure my CRYPTIC Posts; please give example of preferred wording.


How is it possible to provide preferred wording to something that is unreadable?

End minus arc plus circumference is less than minus, 1" Left ellipsis


Your nonsense lines (they aren’t sentences or phrases) are impossible to understand. It was outhouse luck that I deciphered what you wanted and when I posted I wasn’t positive that I had shown what you were asking for. It is clear that you are capable of writing readable sentences as in the one I quoted above. Why do you insist on all this cryptic nonsense when you are asking for help?

You seem bent on making it difficult for people to help you. Why? I asked you this before: When you go to your doctor, do you just make some unintelligible grunts and wait expect him to diagnose your problem?


Even “I tried to use M ove- clk’d on Ctr. > ø” is cryptic.

If cryptic :warning: :bell:. ----> Me :frowning: & know = @gripwin


In "other: words: To me you are known to write cryptic and I’m warned. :upside_down_face:

I may answer but only if I know what you mean. I might have the advantage that English isn’t my native tongue, so even that can be/look cryptic to me.

If you clearly describe your question and the steps you did (you could for example use > between each two subsequent steps), you may get better and direct answers to your problem.


I try to be ‘clearer’.
I find that returning to my initial ‘post to be’ can be unintelligible
I can then make changes … when resolved - Post…


You recognize that your posts are unintelligible so you’ll fix them AFTER the resolution has been give? Seriously? So you won’t even try to make it easier in the first place for those who would help you to do so.


No … not POST until I have made the question understandable.


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