What is Crash #23928


My skp 2023 for mac always crashes when i open. It says that is a Crash #23928. Anyone to help?


Have you sent a report with your information?

yes, i sended, and im waitting…

Please correct your forum profile to reflect that you are using SketchUp 2023 Pro

Did you include your email address and name? It’s just after 6 am where @colin is. When he gets to work and has a minute I’m sure he’ll look at it.

yes and yes, ill be waitting… :slight_smile:


Now it show this message

and if i skip SKP works normally…

That would imply that either you haven’t installed SketchUp correctly or you’ve got a bad extension installed. What method did you use to install SketchUp?

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i allready use skp 2023, this problem happened after install this plugin Plugin to Convert Groups into Buildings In SketchUp - YouTube. But i used it for a while, and then suddenly this crash started without reason…

I open without extensions as i said. but now i install new ones but i cannot find icons to use…

Uninstall the extension then.

There’s always a reason.

but i cant find the folder, the path that is in help isnt work on my computer
and i cant open skp to uninstall… can u help?

Plugins are kept in a folder within your user Library (not the system’s /Library). Your Library is conventionally hidden by Finder, but you can get there via Finder’s Go->Go to Folder menu item. For SketchUp 2023 the folder path is

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/Plugins

You can cut and paste that path into Finder’s popup. The ~ is shorthand for your home folder. Be sure to include it. Delete both the “registrar” .rb file for the particular extension and also the extension’s folder from the Plugins folder. The exact names of the file and folder depend on the specific extension.


maybe you can answer me other about other bug xD

Sometimes when i try to customise toolbar skp crashes and then i need to shut it Down…
is that normal?

That is definitely not normal. I haven’t experienced that, and don’t know of a specific fix or workaround. @colin do you know about this?

Yes, I found a case from five years ago. It seemed at the time to only affect older macOS versions, and so wasn’t reproduced on recent systems.

@Manuelclagoa you seem to be on macOS 13.2.1, is there a reason you’re not on 13.3.1? If you get a crash when customizing the toolbar, and get a bugsplat, add some details to the bugsplat to say exactly what tool you had added before the crash.

next time i ll report, but it happens when i do a right click, select “costumize toolbar” and then… it CRASH!