What is considered entourage

Dear All,

In my Small Library, I am now adding things like bookcases, lights, fans, franklin-ish stove, etc. Seems like I should have a tag called entourage for some of this stuff. Until starting the Sketchup Journey, I had never heard entourage used to mean stuff/clutter/things.

So, I am curious how y’all which of the following things you would consider entourage:

  1. Built in bookcase
  2. Free standing bookcase
  3. Moveable things you sit on or set stuff on?
  4. Gas or wood burning franklin or pot-bellied stoves
  5. Gas or wood burning fireplaces that are not built into a wall.
  6. Sconces, hanging lamps, etc that are directly wired to the circuit panel, but are not inset into walls or ceilings
  7. Toilets and Bidets
  8. Tchotchkes
  9. That coffee cup you want to clean, but are too scared to approach

Anything I am missing that would be an unobvious entourage piece?



I’m all about using tags for groups of objects, and I recommend it, and do it regularly. But, I do it on a model by model basis, as no one solution is ideal for all models. Additionally, I’ve never heard of the word entourage being used for this.

I recommend just using tags for objects that make modeling and navigating easier and more efficient for you and your clients or stakeholders.

“Entourage” has less to do with specifically what the object is than with how it is used in the model. Anything that is not essential to the principal subject of the model, but is just decorative, is entourage. Things that you add just to make a scene look more realistic or pretty are usually entourage. But that is a matter of judgement. Any of the things you listed could be entourage in one situation and an essential part of the model in another. The main thing is to make sure that you haven’t imported objects that contain an absurd amount of detail compared to their role and visibility in the model.


Couldn’t have said it any better than Steve B did. :+1:

People can also be called entourage. Especially the stylized ones (silhouette, ghosted, blurred) It makes your scene looks complete and lively when you put people in it.

Thanks all for the responses.

Since I come from a non-designer background, the use of entourage was without context.

I always thought of entourage as someones follwer-ons. Or as ones posse, as the young kids say now. Though the lack of horses and a sheriff always disappoints me.

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If your modeling fire, the chimney is entourage.

If you’re modelling the chimney, the living room and fire is entourage.

In this sentence entourage is the main concept while context is the entourage.


In the above the center character was the centre of the show but the show was centred on his entourage