What happens after trial ends?

Does SketchUp Pro fallback to a limited free version if the subscription expires, or does it simply fail to start altogether?

I am trying SketchUp pro because it works offline (e.g. when I ride the train to work). Other than that the features of SketchUp web are fine for me. I don’t use it professionally.

I found older versions of this question, but they do not seem applicable anymore.

Since version 2017 there has been no free desktop version of SketchUp, so when the trial ends, the application stops working unless you buy a subscription. Version 2017 Make is no longer distributed by SketchUp but I understand that is still can be located at other download sites. If you go that route, pick a site you can trust.

You’ll lose access to Pro and the full featured web version.

You’ll only be able to access the free web version.

If you install SketchUp Web as as web-app, it will work in a browser without a web connection - as long as you have an internet connection to load it up.

Thanks, that sound like what I need.

How do you install something as a web-app?

(Or do you mean that the SketchUp Web keeps working when I disconnect from the internet?)

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Nevermind, I found how to do it.