What happen to my horizon line?

I have had this happen to me a few times now. My fix to it is to copy and past the model into a new window so I can see the horizon line again. I’m guessing there is a better way to correct my problem.

Forgive me for the simple model. It’s from a tutorial in a book I’m working with.

So in this .gif you can see me moving the model around trying to find the horizon line.

Edited to add: I can see the “sky” turn blue, but I can’t seem to pull the horizon line down nicely. It seems to either be above or below the horizon line.

I can not seem to locate it no matter what I try.

So I copy and paste my model into a new window and there it is, the horizon line. :slight_smile:

Any idea why I seem to lose site of the horizon line and can’t located it again. Other then I’m new and don’t know what I’m doing. :wink:


Compare the fields of view between the two SKP files. Click on the Magnifying glass icon and look at Measurements.

Hmm, on the model that I can’t find the horizon line on I also can’t seem to find the field of view.
I can find the field of view on the new window I copied and pasted it into.

Try setting it to 57mm and see what happens.

You’ve got the camera set to parallel projection.

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Good catch @Box. That’s it.

Yes, good pickup @Box. In parallel projection the only way you can see ground and sky at the same time is if the camera is pointed exactly horizontally (try selecting the front view, for example). As you orbit, you pass through that exact orientation in a blink.


You are correct. I set it back to perspective.

As a side note I would like to say the support in this forum is unlike any I have ever seen.
This has to be the most professional support forum I have ever come across. You guys always seem to reply super fast 24/7 too.

I sincerely appreciate the help.



Also as a side note, most of the regular helpers here are unpaid volunteers with no official affiliation with Trimble. We appreciate all the kudos we can get :grinning:


They go above and beyond for sure, thanks again!

can u tell me how u have animated the file and presenting

I’m using licecap.