What does GOTOSCENE really do?


I have a model with 5 scenes of which have different layers turned on/off and different camera locations. In attempting to use the GOTOSCENE in my dynamic component, it will go to the camera position of the intended scene but it also shows layers in that scene that was supposedly to be turned off. Instead it shows the same layers from the previous scene except the different camera position but doing nothing about turning on/off the layers in the second scene!

The only thing the GOTOSCENE does is manipulating the camera location and nothing more!

Am I doing it all wrong or is the “GOTOSCENE” command worthless?


Do the scenes work correctly?
Perhaps you could share the skp file?


Are your scenes set to save layer and hidden object settings?


Scenes works just fine in SketchUp and behaves like it is supposed to with layers on/off. I’ll get the SKP file to you later tonight as it is in my other computer.


Yes. Some layers have check marks on/off and when using GOSCENE, it does nothing about layer manipulations. Just only the camera views.

To make it more clearly without my SKP with me, let’s say I have layers A,B,C,D and E in two scenes. The first one has only layer A,B,& C turned on and layers D & E turned off. The second one have layers D & E turned on and layers A,B, & C turned off. Both have different camera views. When using GOTOSCENE to go from Scene 2 to Scene 1, it shows the same camera view previously set in Scene1 but the layers D& E are still visible when layers D & E should be OFF. Layers A, B, & C are not turned ON!

Clicking on the scene tabs shows everything to be working with the right layers turned on/off. It’s just the gotoscene that does not do what it is supposed to do!


Help! Trying to upload my skp file except it won’t let me upload. It is a copy of GOTOSCENE function SKP file found in the 3D Warehouse and I only added a new layer for each scene and its ON/OFF state for each layer and nothing else. Still unable to upload! Help!


You are right about that. It’s sort of a crippled feature where the scenes do not change the style.
I’ve asked about this to be changed / improved several years ago but it seems to be still lacking proper scene changes.
GOTOSCENE could have been much more, allowing you to make your 3D model interactive for viewers that aren’t familiar with SketchUp by clicking on the appropriate dynamic buttons in each view, different buttons depending on which scene you are viewing.