What do these particular inferences mean?

Now that I have a second to think, I have time to post all the strange questions that have come up in the last few weeks. If they’re stupid questions forgive me.

Red, blue, green inferences are axes, pink is parallel/ perpendicular, teal is center line, green and purple are… ends of line segments?

What are these two inferences telling me in the photos?


It looks like arcs center but it is difficult to figure out exactly. Can you upload your model ?

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The model is long past this state. I have the component though.
Huum Controlle.skp (89.7 KB)

I agree with Jean. Example: The guidepoint over on the far right is the center of the selected arc on the side.
Screenshot - 9_28_2022 , 6_06_19 PM

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As the guys have said, it allows you to get the centre.

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Awesome. Not entirely helpful in this moment, but helpful at other times!

Yes, I remember when they were first introduced they seemed like just more clutter, but I now don’t see them until needed.

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That was a good question.
The only stupid question is the one we don’t ask :grinning: