What did go wrong here

I imported my .dwg from Bricscad to Sketchup and i get all of the strange jiggly lines. What to do?

haaksbergen v3.dwg (892.0 KB)

Is the geometry far from the world origin (i.e., the intersection of the red, green, and blue axes when no group or component is opened)? This can cause irregular geometry.


In addition to @TDahl’s question, what import units did you use?

I imported your file and see this:

Thank you! I put it to the origin and now it works as it was intended

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it was far away and now close to the origin and now its working fine.

Good enough. By the way, please update your forum profile. The version you list there isn’t capable of importing .dwg files. You must be using some version of SketchUp Pro.

I import my .dwg with sketchup online and then open them in my 2017 make it