What dictates the texture or orientation when 2 faces are merged?

When two faces are merged by deleting common edge what dictates the texture and the orientation of the resulting face? I though that bigger area face would dictate but have notice that is not the case.

Could you give an example where this is not the case? I’ve always noticed that “bigger face area” rule that you mentioned.
(not saying that there couldn’t be an exception.)

I have seen a few cases where the small face wins but it’s not very often. I decided it’s not worth losing any sleep over. I just deal with it and move on.

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Yes, that’s what I been doing for many years. just was wondering that it was some priority/rule that I was unaware of.

I think it’s one of those rules that changes everytime you think you’ve learned it. :smiley:

Not really. I expect it’s just a complicated thing in the code.

By the way, when you draw a rectangle on the ground plane are you getting the blue back face up or down?

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Blue face UP. isn’t that a normal behavior? it fix itself when extrude to a cube. all white faces to the exterior.

Not in the current version of SketchUp 2021.

It will fix itself as you say if you pull the face up into a cube. They changed it to front face up by default because a lot of users drawing buildings start with a rectangle on the ground plane and outline the walls which they then pull up with Push/Pull. In older versions that would result in all the walls haveing reversed faces. Now that doesn’t happen.

I am on version 21.0.391
It appeared a message some time ago to update but I think I messed up the installation process and now when I try to install the new version it behaves like its already installed.
Shows something like repair or uninstall. cannot be precise on the language shown.
I can probably fix it by uninstall everything and install new version,
But I found it so painful and time consuming to have all my toolbars all re-arranged after re install all plugins that I avoid updating anything on SketchUp until I really have to or if I found that I am missing some useful features.

The current version is 21.1.332. You’ve actually missed a couple of updates. Go to sketchup.com/download/all and download the latest installer. Make sure you have SketchUp and LayOut closed. Then right click on the downloaded installer, select Run as administrator and let it go.

This isn’t a major release so it won’t change your toolbar layout or extensions.

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Will do Thanks.

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@diogo, your animation shows a mix of front and back faces. This doesn’t demonstrate a proper example. In general back faces seem to get priority. This also mostly seems the case with painted front and back faces. In some cases with painted front and back both textures entirely disappear and leaving you with default front and back.
It’s not worth remembering this, I agree with @DaveR not to lose sleep over this.

With no mixed front and back faces and textures on the front faces the rule still stands FAIK.

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There will be some ideas in here too: