What are those lines in the shadows?


What’s that weird line in the shadows?

How can I get rid of that line in the shadow?

Please help me

They are called Shadow Strings. It’s a graphics card thing. I find that occurs I can usually get rid of them by changing the time or date slightly.

I’ve been trying to induce it in some of my models where I might expect it so I could show you a comparison but I can’t get it when I want it.

Thought of another option for you. There’s an old tool available in the Extension Warehouse designed to try to fix Shadow Strings. You might give it a try.

Thank you very much for responding.

I’ll find the extension and try it.

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Good luck.

FWIW, I finally found a model in which I could induce a few shadow strings.

I turned on the fix with the extension and they are gone.

This is in SU2020.2. The compatibility list in the EWH doesn’t include 2020 at this time but it works anyway.

That worked!
I really appreciate you taking the time to show me.
Thanks again.

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