What are the optimal system requirements. Not just the minimum requirements


Just downloaded onto El Capitain and are new to sketchup Pro.
Would like to know other than the minimum listed system requirements what are the optimal system requirements.
Keeping in mind that I am working in engineering design and architectural detailing. I’m not doing 3D design or rendering.


What’s the difference between “engineering design” and “3D design”?



Optimum can be assessed only with regard to the kind and size of model you need to build (which isn’t entirely determined by the domain in which you work). If you create very complex or detailed models, paint objects with lots of different materials, turn on shadows, and leave the outliner window open, you can make SketchUp sluggish on just about any computer! Conversely, if you can keep your models clean and minimal, almost any system passing the minimum will be fine.


Why would you want to use a 3D program if you are not doing any 3D design? Curious.


Hi Pault728,

First of all thank you for your kind and straight forwardness. I have been somewhat thrown into using this, our concept design architect in New York is using it to produce his plans, elevations and uses the 3D capability to show clients.

Because of this, he asked me to use it. I would have preferred to use something else but Sketchup must be able to import it. Do you have any suggestions short of Autocad as I don’t have the time for the learning curve.




I am producing architectural details for walls, etc. floors for a passive house prefab project. I am not doing what you would refer to as industrial or engineering design where 3D capability is useful to show assembly dwgs. or what your work looks like as viewed from different perspectives.


have a look at the benefits of taking the designers .skp’s into Layout.app [bundelled with SU Pro]