What are Hashtags?


Be in a long time computer user, I never bothered with some of the latest technologies that have become available. Now it apparently 3D Warehouse is making it a requirement for me to learn what a # hashtag is.

I haven’t a clue. What’s its purpose? How do I go about making one? Linking something that’s online to one?

I’m old, but have played a part in developing CAD from the late 70s through the 80s, when I decided it was a lot more efficient using what was the latest tech, than use my time figuringing out how to make it more efficient.

If anyone can bring me up to speed. I’d really appreciate it.
Bruce K


I’m neither a programmer nor a hashtag expert but being a representative of the younger generation, I can say from my part a hashtag is basically a keyword that helps you find what you’re looking for when you hit the ‘Search’ button in any place on the Internet that has a search feature.

In YouTube or Instagram, for example, when you’re uploading a picture or a video, you are given a box to write hashtags in. People start to type words that describe the uploaded file. The hashtag can be any word. As a result, a picture/video that has hashtags has a better chance of showing up in the search results.

Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:


Thanks Vahe. While waiting I posted the #lotuseuropa on Facebook to see what came up. I was blown away. Technology is incredible, but it can also bury a person so deeply, nothing gets accomplished. Case-in-Point, what came back to me took up 5 minutes of my time I could have used for something else, like playing with my lotuseuropa😊


I’d say it is questionable whether hashtags themselves make it easier to search/find things. After all keywords have the same capability (if properly implemented).

There are only two differences:

  • A hashtag is a keyword with # in front of it.
  • A hashtag appears in the middle of (or disrupts) continuous text, where as keywords were a separate word list. So we can say it is a way to markup/format words that we consider important for searching/finding this piece of information (like underlining on paper). There is no link target, but all pieces of information with the same hashtag are linked together – like a network.

In short, 3D Warehouse abolishes the separate keywords form field and merges it with the model description. #We are of course #free to place the #hash character in front of #unimportant words if we #want, or not if we don’t want.


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