What are colors for found on layer chart

So on the Layer chart there are colors. What are those for and how might I use them?
Sketch Up 2017

Please complete your profile so we can give you the correct answers for the version you are using. You called them “layers” which indicates you are using an older version of SketchUp pro for desktop, or perhaps Make17. The colors next to each Layer (now called Tags) are the color that will be applied to all geometry which is assigned to that Layer (tag) when the Color by Tag option is turned on. This option is the last item of the drop down menu at the top right of the Layer (tag) window.

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BTW: Layer is called Tag from version 2020 of SketchUp.

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Great reply, thanks!


I’m using SU 2017

Please complete your profile with SketchUp version, license type, operating system, and graphics card model. That information helps us help you.


Click on the W in the brown circle in the upper right corner of the forum page. Then on Preferences–looks like a person. Then the gear icon.

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I just responded to you with the directions.

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