What a disappointment to texture this simple box :(

Yesterday I made some textures to add to a simple cereal box today. I have followed the exact steps as I did for the pouch style bag recently. Only this time it do not work as expected.

It seems the way the cereal box is created is the problem. If I, for instance, click on the box front part only and delete it, almost the whole of box is also deleted. Can this be the reason why my texture(s) do not want to work along the way I was taught?
Image to left side are for front and right side back of box.

For the bag I have followed steps but for box not working! -

  1. Right Click on separate texture image > Explode > Projected
  2. Click on model (front part of box) where texture should go (HERE TEXTURE DISAPPEARS FROM LEFT leaving a grey box where it was)
  3. Click again on separate texture image (THIS TIME NO IMAGE SINCE IT’S GONE)
  4. Click on “eyedropper” tool
  5. Click again on separate texture image
  6. Click finally again on part where texture should now appear!

In this instance, after following the steps, the texture image disappears quite in beginning!!! :roll_eyes:

cereal box white new1d.skp (1.2 MB)

I can’t duplicate your problems. The box seems fine to me. Did you know you have a component that has just one component inside it? You have to apply texture to the surface inside the component of course. Try exploding the outer component before you test it again.

I am sorry, not following. My English let be a bit down since I am not English. What ‘component’ are you referring too? The box as a whole?

I have deleted front part, seen rest of box parts left. No other component inside it. What am I missing?

EDIT: Think I see now, the outer dotted line surrounding the model is the outer component. I have closed it.

I thought the outer component will be deleted after closing but it reappears!

You only need one component and you have one inside of the other. You eliminate the component by using the “explode” command.

Whether you have one component, one inside the other or no components at all–Either way you need to be applying the texture to a face so you need to open the components until you can select faces.

as you are dealing with a rectilinear shape you dont need to “project” textures like you did on the bag.

If you explode the images you brought in, you can then sample them with the eye dropper ( or get from materials palette as they will now be there as materials after exploding) and paint the box with them, just have to enter the box group or component to access the faces.