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Hi, I’m using sketchup to help design a home for myself. I am a wheelchair user so, everything needs to be fairly customised and I’m finding sketchup is very useful for communicating my needs.

I’m using a mac, 8GB, sketchup pro 2019.

I’m comfortable with most of the basic tools, including groups and layering and am just starting to explore plugins and extensions, so I’d guess my level is beginner -intermediate.

I’d need fatter wheels to ‘walk’ on the beach, but that is the long term goal.
Best emoji’s are the cheeky ones --> :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi, I’m Walt Gillespie in Fishers Indiana. 77 and retire, well sort of retired.
I’ve been using Sketchup for around 10 years. I started a small manufacturing company when I retired making kits for model railroading. It grew and grew. Got too big and a few years back I sold off 2rds of the company and concentrated on the 3D printing of detailing items. I’ve also done custom designs and manufacturing for wholesale accounts. Still al in the hobby modeling area.

That even got too big and I closed the company last fall. BUT, the fellow I sold the kits business to has only me to supply the 3D printed parts he needs so I’m still going at it.

As my use is a lot different than most using Sketchup, plus the fact I am slowing down, I don’t participate much on here. I’ve posted but that’s fairly far back. I had to log in differently as my account didn’t respond to the login and password I had on record.

Presently I running Sketchup Pro 2019 on windows 10 with 32GB of memory. I have a Gforce GT1030 graphics card and run dual monitors. I’m fairly proficient with SK and do the majority of my own designs. Currently there are 1,500 different designs I’ve manufactured many in different scales.

I design a number of the items and also use free drawings and purchase some from Turbosquid.


-My name is David. I’m a retired military engineer.
-I use Sketchup for building plans for home improvement jobs, to build models or model parts for science fiction or military subjects, to build home or vehicle accessories and in the repair of military artifacts.
-I use it because when I bought my first 3D printer it looked the most promising among all the free programs out there for making 3D parts
-Intermediate proficiency. Learning more every day
-Have never used or heard of a basecamp
-Dell computer, Windows 10, using 2017 version

  • I don’t have a warehouse page
  • Here to get help on day to day stumbling blocks in Sketchup as well as to figure out how other users accomplish what they do on certain tasks

Hi all, my name is Nige.

I’m a business consultant and don’t really have any use for 3D design software in my day job.

But, my main ‘hobby’ is theatre lighting - I’m a lighting designer, programmer, operator, rigger, lampie working with amateur groups. I use a 3D lighting visualiser called Capture, and have been sent Sketchup models for the last 2 new theatre I lit shows in, and also for a theatre I’ll be doing shows in from later this year. I need to learn (fast) how to edit the models I’ve been sent to enable me to import into Capture the layers/bits I need for my lighting design because the models contain loads of ‘stuff’ I don’t need.

I’m a real beginner…at the moment trying to find suitable resources to help me learn what I need. I’ve done no proper Sketchup training, and doubt I’d have time to…unless I started needing it in my day job in which case that may be important.

I’m using Sketchup Make 2017 on my laptop - a Microsoft Surface Book 2, and have also dipped into Sketchup on the web as the recent model I was sent was built in a later version than mine so I couldn’t open it!

What is your favorite Emoji? :the ones on the UK KTM Adventure forum (I’m a biker of 40+ years, and still riding) - they are very non-pc and not available on here or your phone - I’m not describing them here as I just met you!!

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…yes, with Freddie (partner’s dog), but prefer riding my bike too fast :smile:


Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this thread. I’ve been lurking around SketchUp forums these past fifteen years off and on. Ten years ago I first did a spoof video series with my sidekick Le Corb. Here it is for old times sake:

Le SketchUp Trainings á YouTube

Le Corb

“Zere are still some architectes zat do not know 'ow to use ze SketchUp! Zis eez unbelievable!”
- Le Corb

I’ve since written a couple of SketchUp books (Serious ones) both on the topic of Construction Documents. The latest one is “Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro 2020” which is such a good book for architects that even Le Corb might appreciate it.

I’m going to be doing some new material with a different character. I’ll keep you posted. :nerd_face:


One thing I regret from college is being too accurate with drawings. Sure you need to know how to be accurate- That’s essential. But its also important to know when you don’t need to be totally accurate. College is one of those times. The lecturers don’t really measure what you’re drawing as long as it looks OK.

They don’t have time to get a ruler out to check your drawings. Just make it look accurate. That’s all you need.

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Hi I’m Andy near Atlanta, GA. I am retired with alot of home projects and no drawing experience. Saw a YouTube video about Sketchup on the Web and thought this would be a good tool to create a tool stand model and cut-sheet. At seventy learning a new skill and application has proved to be a challenge. Some of my initial questions are:
I can draw a line, start to end point, with single clicks. How do I terminate the line instead of it following the cursor.
A tutorial wants to draw a rectangle on the red/green plane, mine are on the blue/red planes, no clue why or how to change it.
How do a print a model created in SketchUp on the Web?
Questions like these are the answers that I am looking for now.

Welcome. Probably best to start a new thread in the SketchUp Free category with your questions. Simple answers to a few. Terminate drawing before completing a face: Press Esc.

Orient rectangle tool: Change camera position so you are looking more down on the red/green plane. Or press the appropriate cursor key. Up for normal parallel to blue should get you a rectangle laying on the red/green plane.

Thank you for the quick response. I guess there is not a specific forum or thread for these type of questions. How do I start a new thread.

Thanks again,


Click on the New Topic button on the right.

Actually there is. Choose the category for SketchUp Free.

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Lewis here, early 30’s, from Scotland but currently living in the Bahrain.

I’m a MRICS commercial real estate professional currently managing the financial centre here in Bahrain which is over 125,000 sq m (over 1,000,000 sq f) over 53 storey twin towers and financial services mall.

I uses SketchUp for personal use as a hobby mostly, although lately I have been interested in using SketchUp to model the buildings I manage.

I use SketchUp because it’s fairly simple and clear to use. I’m skilled in AutoCAD and feel SketchUp can be feel a little less precise on the surface.

I would say my proficiency in SketchUp is amateur/creeping into intermediate. I’ve only really used it for quite small projects - modelling our family homes etc.

I use SketchUp on my MacBook Pro 2019 mostly.

Hoping to learn more on SketchUp so thought I would join the community.

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You might be interested in Modeleur extension


The extension isn’t configured / updated for Pro 2020 as yet.


I have just joined Your community and looking forward to finding out more about Sketchup and the people within this group. I am new to Sketchup plan to get proficient with it through this group, YouTube, books and training.
My main use of Sketchup will be designing product for licencing and home projects. I am an IT administrator for a company with 14 offices around the UK which I get to visit from time to time but most of the support is done remotely.
I have an interest in programming so would love to be able to create a game and use SketchUp to create the game environment.
Well, look forward to many communications and discussions about Sketchup.

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Hi everyone, 'name’s Alin. Working in Construction Industry, installing all types of cladding/facade in London. A friend recommended to me Sketchup not long ago, and I can’t have enough of it ever since. I’m using it to create visual cues whenever I’m writing Method Statements, it really helps the guys on site to get a close-to-reality visual demonstration before they step on site, thus giving them a chance to raise any concerns, potentially saving them from injuries. In a way this program is a life saviour, so thank you Sketchup Team!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn a bit about me.

I am currently a merchant mariner and OTR professional driver. I drive throughout the New England region for a large private carrier delivering frozen, deli and dairy products to stores that you very well may shop at. When I have a day off, I try to get “learnt” about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I also work on old cars and sailboats.

When it’s cold and I don’t want to go into the garage, I squeeze in some time on my current project, a 1/100th scale of NASA’s mobile launch platform (MLP) and associated Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT). I am mostly fashioning it based on the 1960’s-era Apollo program but am making some slight alterations for launching model rockets and trying to do so as realistically as possible. That will probably take me most of 2020 and hopefully will get to post some photos of the ongoing build.

I am also an amateur radio enthusiast and hold the General-license call N5WPG.

I am just beginning to learn about SketchUp so have no idea what I am doing right at the moment.


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New user of the free 2017 version. Am trying to figure out how to transfer 3d model renderings from a CNC program (VCarve Desktop 10.0) into sketchup as a component. The CNC file types are V3M, STL, or RLF. Appreciate any advice!

You could get an extension from the Extension Warehouse for importing .stl files. Keep in mind, by their very nature, .stl files will show as triangulated when imported into SketchUp. You’ll likely need to do some cleanup.

Hey there everybody! Learning Sketchup to work with Google Earth Studio to make a cool tour of my campus.

Everybody, my name is Lui!

$<3Up foreva!

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