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Hi there all, I’m Melanie, most people call me Mim. I’ve just started using Sketchup over the last 3 weeks and though I’m sort of making progress some things are really hard (like blending complex shapes). I am learning though and watching a LOT of Youtube tuts :smiley:

I’m probably hampered a great deal because I’m using an old computer that can only run Windows XP, so in that most software I use has to be compatible with it. No biggy, I’m getting there. So I will be driving you all nuts with my questions.

Mim :upside_down_face:

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  • Who are you? ( show us those pearly whites :smiley:— to start, just one photo if you please )
    Answer: Maybe later? Please! Well I don’t have pearly whites :smile:
  • What is your industry and profession?
    Answer: Have no job, no work.
  • Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?
    Answer: In home, personally, for education.
  • Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? (Besides using it to impress the babes/bros…)
    Answer: Learning and tfy making my architecture skills better. I Love Architecture Art. :slight_smile:
  • How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner, intermediate, advanced?
    Answer: Still begginer :slight_smile:
  • Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp?
    Answer: Sadly, No.
  • What is your current set up? [Computer type, SketchUp version…etc.] (Your lake house and Ferrari don’t count)
    Answer: Acer Nitro series 17" IPS Full HD laptop, SketchUp 2019 Pro Trial version (18 days left sadly :frowning:)
  • Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us?
    Answer: Sadly no. As i said just begginer still.
  • Anything else you would like to tell us? (e.g., you once saw a UFO & tried to model it in SketchUp to get a prototype 3D printed…)
    Answer: Well 2 days i work on modern pyramid house model latest time and today try render it on Lumion.
  • What is your favorite Emoji?
    Answer: Simple :slight_smile:
  • Do you enjoy long walks on the beach...?
    Answer: I think I would Love to enjoy if i Could.
    Have Great day all :slight_smile:
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Hello Everyone. I’m Samantha, aka: Moola (thanks to my boss’ interesting sense of humour)
I was a Financial Manager for 25 years and 2 years ago I ventured into the world of Interior Design and now work for an Architect.
SketchUp Pro is my go-to for spacial planning when doing an interior and love the linking to Layout to reduce duplication of 2D sketching work. Not to mention the ease and impressive visuals when presenting to clients.
My boss uses Sketchup for all his Architectural projects which is where I was introduced to it but I’ve worked on a few CAD programmes previously and found Sketchup the easiest to learn and it does what I tell it to.
Admittedly, I’m somewhat of a novice still but found the Campus very helpful in getting started with the basics and understanding.
My first version was Make, then I purchased Pro 2019 and this morning upgraded to 2020 on my Laptop.
Hope I didn’t bore you … Have a Great Weekend!


maybe time to upgrade Melanie, W95 not very secure now!

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Hi there Moola, although with Samantha being your name, I’d be calling you Sam after my fav TV character (Samantha Carter). Welcome to you and maybe we can chat sometime.


For that I’d need a new rig Gsharp and unfortunately at this time finances for me and my family are limited. It is in the forward planning tho.

Hi, I am Thomas, and I am specialized in shopping mall design / experience design.
I use Sketchup since 2005, and it’s the only programme I am every day really looking forward to work with, because it’s so intuitive!!
Never been to a basecamp. I am working on a Macbook Pro, SKP 2019 and looking forward to learn from this community. Greetings from Rotterdam (here are beaches, but I never be there)

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Hello, Bruce from the High Desert. I’m a low intermediate user since the Boulder days. Mostly in conjunction with my construction projects.

Do you know that we’re still in Boulder? I think I found your SketchUp 6 license, if you need it, though if it is your license it was Mac specific back then.

  • Who are you?

My name is Joe Jones. I live in Kentucky. I am over 60, :grimacing: retired, and I do metal art, custom signs and such.

  • What is your industry and profession?

Jack Of All Trades - I most recently created a small business making metal art.

  • Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?

I have used earlier versions of SketchUp, and I can do quite a bit with it when my memory lets me. But it has been a while, and so I am back to square one. I am a home hobbyist, so SketchUp gives me the ability to design things and work out issues before I start cutting metal or wood.

  • Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?

I really like the program. I am hoping to learn how to do simple animations with it soon.

  • How proficient are you in SketchUp?

I consider myself to be a rank amateur using SketchUp.

  • Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp?

I am not familiar with this.

  • What is your current set up? [Computer type, SketchUp version…etc.]

Gosh, my home looks like a Bety Buy, with some 35 computers here and there. I use them for everything, but there are several main PCs that do most of the work. I had older versions of SketchUp on various PCs, but now I am trying out the online version. Once I become familiar with the program once again, I will purchase a subscription.

  • Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us?

I wish!

  • Anything else you would like to tell us?

I use DesignEdge software, which is proprietary software used to run the PlasmaCAM, Samson 510 and GoTorch CNC machines. I do training sessions with that software to teach other PlasmaCAM owners how to “Make Money In Metal Art!” as PlasmaCAM boasts.


Well hello, SketchUp Community! I’ve been using SU from the beginning! :older_adult:t6: I use it for visualization professionally as well as visualization if I want to efficiently repack my closet…I’m officially an addict…and I’m ok with it! I love to see the tutorials, conversation and most importantly your models & renderings! So, keep sketching up! :love_you_gesture:t6: :+1:t6: :v:t6: :vulcan_salute:t6:


I have been a member of the forum for a while, but i have never introduced myself. So here goes

Who are you?
The name is Matt, Salt lake Utah, Aerospace engineer student, mentor and therapist assistant at a treatment center for youth currently. taught high school math, anatomy, chemistry and also taught at the university.

What is your industry and profession?
Mechanical, aerospace and other engineering disciplines.

Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?
I use sketchup pro personally and for 3d printing ideas.

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?
i am certified in solidworks and PRO-E, but I find SU pro to be faster and easier due to the fact that it works just like how my brain sees things.

How proficient are you in SketchUp?
Intermediate. i have done some cool stuff with it, but i LOVE to learn.

Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp?
Nope. I have watched them on youtube:) Im hoping oneday to see some engineering applications on there.

What is your current set up? [Computer type, SketchUp version…etc.
Custom built pc, 4k 48inch monitor, 2nd 4k 21 inch monitor, cr-10 3d printer, 1200wat sub thx certified 5.1 sound system, and other random stuff:)

Ok, i think that is all for now:) thanks to all those who have helped me get as far as i have gotten. Its been worth it

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Hi, my name is John, I’m an architect from Portugal.
I never signed up in this forum before because I never had a problem with Sketchup before, unfortunately I’ve had with 2020, so here I am :slight_smile:

I will be filling my profile better later… when I have the time.


Hello, I am basically new to sketch up though have dabbled slightly in the past. I am excited to use it for board game modeling, parts modeling, amateur architectural drawing / designing and who knows. I have many interests. I am studying on the Linked In Learning platform as I write this. I have a solid background in Adobe Illustrator and Photo Shop, though think SketchUp and LayOut will enhance my abilities to design and draw for myself and clients.

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Hello World,
I am a new user. Breaking the tradition!, You can teach an old dog new tricks!

I am looking forward to learning how to use Sketchup for CNC, and wood related projects and for building our next home.

I am wondering what is the best way to start? I down loaded sketchup for free. but seems very lacking and limited. I read on a forum there are extensions? can any one school me on this? Thanks

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SketchUp Free is the current free version and actually pretty powerful and capable of almost everything the desktop app can do. But running extensions is not one of those things. Make17 is the no cost desktop version still available and although it’s last updated in 2017 it still works and can run extensions.

A good place to start learning.


Hello. I’m Siddiq. I’m very new in this community. But I have been using SketchUp for so long. I use SketchUp for my project in my college, Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur. Doing diploma in Landscape Architecture currently 5th semester.

I sometimes feel really slow in modeling in SketchUp, even though the deadline is near. I don’t know if this is normal. Is it normal? I always want to make sure the measurement is correct. So, I hope I can model as faster as I can to complete before the deadline.

How are you finding it with your project?

It’s pretty good. More user friendly than other 3d modellers. Also easier for others to understand in any presentation. What do you use Sketchup for?

Hey Eric This Mike From IYF Granite And Remodeling

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