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That’s the current pro version so at this point there’s nothing to upgrade to.

If you’ve purchased the license for 2019, you’re all set.


Do you plan to use multiple monitors? If so they need to all be 4k or not. Sketchup sets it display options according to the main monitor, so if you use a high rez main monitor and try to use sketchup in a SD side monitor simultaneously the lines may appear extra thick on the side. Happens to me with my macbook retina display and an older side monitor. Either do karate yes, or do karate no.


Dave, I transferred my old license for my version 2019.


I’m not understanding what you are getting at. I have to think you have upgraded your license to the current 2019 version. If so, you had to pay some sort of fee. You still haven’t indicated what the previous version was.


Hi, SketchUp Newbie here.

I’m learning SketchUp for personal use. I like to make and build things and drawing it out first will be really helpful. But I have a lot to learn. Fortunately I love to learn. :smiley:


Beginner. Woodworker trying to learn how to design furniture with Sketchup and am using the free 2017 version. Hobbiest at best. Windows 10. Old Geezer who is trying to keep up with technology and struggling. Vision problems so expect typos.


Hello, I am Guillaume.

I am using Sketchup in order to do cardboard lasercutting then architecture models.

I think going from Sketchup to SVG then preparing lasercutting file is hard.

I am hesitating keeping using Sketchup, I will see :slight_smile:




@sseast welcome to the forum.

Maybe this thread about the “Fabber” plugin will help you with your SVG files.

But if you are using SU web version your profile indicates you won’t have access to plugins as they are only available in desktop versions of SU…


Hi! I am Steve, a long retired IT guy who is trying to learn to use SketchUp to create a new WOODEN CARPORT design which will also cover my entry ramp and stairway to our house.
As a new user I am looking for help learning SketchUp and creating wood designs using standard wood products (2x4, 4x4, 2x6, composite roof panels, etc) on my 27"iMac and iPhone XR.

What is SketchUp 3DBasecamp?

No models(?) yet!


Retired Steve