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Hi, I’m new and needing help. I have a file that is 24.6 MB and it keeps causing my 2018 Pro to ‘not respond’ Any advice on how to manage this issue?


Hi y’all,

Andrew Probert, here,… been a SU user for decades-

I’m trying to create a projected texture but now, suddenly, all I get (on my ‘projector’) is a solid color. And when I context-click, to get the texture-adjusting pins,… there is no "Texture menu listing.

Now, when I do the same thing, in a ‘new’ project, everything works as it should. My complex model doesn’t see it. And what’s weird is, I can ‘copy’ that projector from the complex model, then ‘paste-in-place’, in the new (empty) project - and the image is actually on that projector… AND I’m able to adjust it. But putting it back into the scene,… I get that solid color again.

Weird, huh?


Hi, I’m George, I work in the trailer industry, doing service/fabrication work. I’m an intermediate user of Sketchup and currently trying to use it to design concession trailers. Great modelling tool and forum… nice to be a part of the SketchUp community. All the best. GD


Hi, I’m Slamet Saroji, I’m a draftman, I love to use sketchup very much


Who are you, who, who? I am Abdul. I am 50 and retired from full time in UAE.

Why you want to use SketchUp? Im using illustrator for all my graphic design work and 3D max for rendering work. Just wondering if this tool can help me in my work.

What is your industry and profession? Im a graphic designer by profession working as freelancer on Webreacts.com

What is your current set up? I have Imac, upgareded version with upgarded graphic card.

Anything else you would like to tell us? I want to know this tool can help graphic designer like me. I have 3D max occasionally for any rendering work.



It might. There are a lot of graphic designers and illustrators using SketchUp. You’ll need to use SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop instead of SketchUp Free or Make.

Probably the best thing to do is start a new thread to ask some specific questions and provide example images to show what you are wanting to do.As you know, this is all visual stuff so images are a big help.When you get to asking specific how-do-I-do-this questions, sharing the SketchUp file you’re working on helps us get right to the heart of it and give you an exact answer.


Hello Everyone.
My name is Kendra, hailing from the Boston, MA Area. I am using both SketchUp/Layout for mainly 2D design and installation packets for solar.

On of the biggest things I want to know is how people have seen SketchUp/Layout respond to the new Mac OS: Mojave. I have not updated my OS yet and wont do it unless I know the app works well. Any tips on this or other things about Layout/SketchUp are much appreciated!

Best Regards,



On Nov 12, there was a maintenance release specifically for Mac users addressing the Mojave OS upgrade - The version number is 18.1.1180 You can get the download from here



I like to invent things, for the hands-on scope of products, things we feel, touch and use. I am old, wrinkly, gray but wise in the ways of my hands. Don’t know nothing about 3D software designing, so that’s where I’ll need a little hand-holding and advice, at least till I’m up to speed, which could be longer than the patience of younger folk, and that’s the majority when it comes to age. :older_man:

I’ve got questions and I suppose I’ll learn where to place them soon about How to Get Started from conception to using Sketchup.


I’m Nigel and I’m blown away by Sketchup Make 2017. I’m a hobbyist learning it to use it for modelling a loft conversion, and in preparation for exploring the world of 3D printing.
I’m struggling at the moment with Layers. I get how they generally work, but don’t understand why I can’t use the bucket tool to fill a shape with colour on the shape’s layer. The colourl always appears on on Layer0, not the shape’s layer, even though I ensure the correct layer is active when using the bucket tool.
Any pointers are appreciated.


tip on using layers…never change the active layer ( there are instances when you could but I imagine you will likely not need to for the near future)


This indicates you have a fundamental misunderstanding of SketchUp’s layers. They aren’t layers in the Photoshop sense. The only thing layers do is control visibility or entities, As @mics_54 indicates, Layer 0 should always be kept as the active layer. All edges and faces are created and remain on Layer 0. Only components and groups should be associated with other layers while the edges and faces inside those components and groups remain on Layer 0.

Applying colors or materials to faces is not a layer thing, either. That is simply an edit made to the faces inside the groups/components in the model.

Once you get the idea that Layer 0 remains the active layer at all times, and you only assign components/groups to other layers, this process becomes very simple because you have no need to chase active layers. You just open a group or component for editing when you need to make a change and make the change.


Hello my name is Manuel , this is the first time I post something.
I have A PROBLEM WITH THIS DRAWING. I can’t continue it because it keeps shutting itself for no reason. padre.skp (2.4 MB)
Can somebody help me?


What do you mean it keeps shutting off? What keeps shutting off? SketchUp keeps closing?

There is always a reason. A common reason, which is entirely possible with your model is that the graphics card can’t handle all the geometry. Intel graphics cards are well known to be lacking in adequate OpenGL support and aren’t recommended for use with SketchUp. You could try updating the graphics drivers and see if that helps. Go directly to the Intel site for the drivers.


Yes. Sketchup keeps closing.
It is the first time it happens to me. I have done much bigger drawings with no problems.


There’s a lot of geometry in this one due to all of the text. A lot of very short edges, too.

Graphics card is the first place to look.

Also, did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and selecting Run as administrator?


Can I explode all the text so that I have lines instead?


You already have exploded the text. Nothing but loose geometry.

That’s not going to help the situation, though.

You should really start a new thread.


I have been using sketchup for a long time. This is the first time I have a problem.


This really isn’t the right place for a long discussion. It is the welcome thread after all.