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Why does it not print the view I have zoomed into? I zooms out for the print now matter how close I am? Different areas of the screen print out differently?

Printing the View


My name is Beau. I’m not a professional designer - right now I work in education (mostly ESL/Social Studies). I’m a pretty amateur user of SketchUp, but I’m learning more all the time! I think my favorite thing about it is how open-source it is…the fact that it’s super accessible to anyone.

So far I’ve modeled my garden and garage, a frontier fort (/nerd), and I’m designing a container home. - Again…at a pretty amateur level.

My current computer:
HP Pavilion (with Windows 10 Home)
Core i5
Integrated Intel 530 HD graphics card

I’m glad this forum is here, and looking forward to it :slight_smile:


I am Dale Warren, soon to retire from my job as an industrial electrician. My work history includes many years in telecommunications,a stint as an aircraft electrician, and owner of a marine electrical business.

I will be using SketchUp at home to design woodworking projects. I plan to build cabinetry and furniture, and very possibly boat building.

I am a new user, and I like the versatility of the program. I took a drafting course in college and this is 'way better! I’m using it on a Asus desktop computer at the moment which seems to handle anything I ask it to do.



What kind of a boat are you thinking of building? Boat building is addictive.Just thought you should know. :smiley:


I’m not sure yet. I’ve seen some beautiful small boats built with the WEST system and I may try that. I lived in Washington State for many years and plan to return there after I retire. I have a Catalina 22 that hasn’t been in the water for a long time.

I love wooden boats but the maintenance is very high and I am getting too old for that. A small wooden pram or dinghy is about my speed. :wink:


Hello mate, wow u did a great job, love it!! i have some health issues which is why i search for hgh reviews now but in the meantime i decided to learn a bit so here i am. hopefully we would be friends and i could learn more.


Hi, My Name is Richard. I’m not in any profession that would require any kind of CAD program. Though I am a certified AutoCAD technician. I just enjoy designing things in programs such as this. I have only had it for a week and have already found myself losing sleep learning the processes involved in SketchUp Make. It’s very addictive, lol. In my opinion, my proficiency in SketchUp would be intermediate. I’m sure my background in AutoCAD has something to do with that. I’m running a Mac OS X El Capitan v 10.11.3. No model warehouse page, yet. Not much of an emoji guy. Though I enjoy walking on the beach, I prefer hiking in the mountains. The downside is I live in Florida. Nothing but beaches and no mountains. :frowning: … There you go, an emoji. Lol.


Hi. I’m Berco. I operate my tool & die shop in Valencia California. Just a beginner in SketchUp looking forward to learning from the resourceful sketchupals(?) on here who are gracious enough to share their know how.


Howdy, my name is Romel, and I am a mechanical designer. I prefer to use SU than other CAD software, I do my models faster in SU than on Inventor. Hope to learn some more from the community.


Hi All
I am Mrbill- I am a semi retired architect and I have been sort of using Sketchup Pro since the program was introduced quite a few years ago. I am using Sketchuo 2015 on a Alienware “laptop” with windows 8. I think my experience level i remedial and I have lots of questions. I am happy to join the forum community and look forward to learning and sharing
Best regards


Hi Everyone,My name is Wayne Wright and I am from Jamaica. I have been in jewelry since 1983. My father had a shop back the and when I left school I went into the industry because of the love for designs. I learnt the basic silversmith jewelry technique and have love the knowledge.
I have moved to the states and continuing the love for jewelry but i want to take the education in to CAD designs. I make a lot of custom made rings especially class rings. I have done some reading on Sketchup and loved the ease and user friendly tutorials.

I want to learn a lot and be able to create my class rings designs with Sketchup.

Hope everyone is having a great day and all the best for the weekend


Hi! I’m a grad student in Egyptology who wants to teach herself at least the basics of Sketchup, for use in archaeological reconstruction.


Hi I’m Tricia
I am a beginner at sketchup, but youtube vids have been my entertainment and knowledge base these past few months.
I am not a “professional” so I use sketchup for my own personal use.
I am part of a 3d chat community called Twinity.
I use my creations there. I have built a home, shop, tables, chairs, flags, and other misc items that I am able to place on my Properties there and also offer to other players.
I have always been “creative” “artsy crafty” kind of person, so this is just a whole new wonderful world that has opened up for me.
It is great to have this community…I look forward to browsing through the various forums to learn from everyone. I hope that one day I will be able to add to that knowledge base.
<3 is my favorite emoji
the beach is my favorite place to be


Hi. I’m Carl. I’m a sketchup newb. Would like to learn to use the software to make models of telescopes I’d like to build. Hoping to find some answers to my newb questions. Thanks!


Hi Everyone. I’m an Amateur Radio Operator and Electronics builder. I have just ordered an Anet A8 3-D printer kit. My intentions are to design and print enclosures for electronics projects.


I am Gyula.
A professional (sports)lighting designer.
I have SU PRO.
I use SU for creating simple but effective 3D modells for lighting calculations.
(The architectual modells are too complex for any lighting calculation program)
In the last 3 months I dived in Sketchup Ruby and made some very useful ruby scripts such as
stairs (it was easy)
curved spectators stand
ice rink
cone (for masts)
box (most of them with arbitary position and tilting)
arbitary postioning the 3D modell of luminaires via entities.add_instance method

My next big adventure will be to draw a 3D model from an excel file.

My final goal to store a 3D modell in a database such as excel and the actual 3D model is just an output method.





I’m Graham. I’m a computer programmer, business owner, network marketer, bookkeeper and woodworker. I’ve been watching Steve Ramsey’s YouTube videos on woodworking and he recommended SketchUp for laying out woodworking projects, so I decided to have a look.

From this you should be able to work out I’m a total newb at SketchUp, but I like how you can see where the faults are in your design. For example, I created rabbets on the sides of my first design and it looked ok, until I viewed the model from the side, and saw the exposed rabbet. Quick design change and Viola!.

At the moment I’m using my Windows 7 box for SketchUp - the 10 year old Mac doesn’t have the grunt to handle anything new. Running SketchUp 2017 (still in trial).

Yes, I do like long walks on the beach, but, because the nearest beach is 600km away, I walk around the neighbourhood for about 30 minutes each morning, and participate in ParkRun on Saturday mornings.


Hello! I am TJ a boxmaker. I am retired and enjoy golfing hunting and gardening. My passion is woodworking smaller projects. Music boxes, jewelry boxes and heir loom boxes. I live on the northeastern Wisconsin peninsula.


As in Door County? Welcome.


Yes, that is correct. Thank you!