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Hello all my name is Trevor and I am a Landscape Designer in Idaho. Not Iowa, but Idaho - it is a state in the northwest that produces a lot of potatoes and has amazing mountains. These incredible mountains produce world class fly fishing and big game hunting. I have been doing both of these activities ever since I was able to.

I currently work at an up and coming landscape firm in Idaho. I was given the task to start out our 3d visualization division in our company. I started out using sketchup when we started and have used it on every project since. You can see all of my renders on our website at www.stackrockgroup.com.

I have not been an avid sketchup forum user but am looking forward to getting involved. I have had a lot of problems with sketchup in the past and would love to pass down my knowledge to others. I specialize in modeling residential landscape components. But I have also modeled commercial projects as well. I have also done some 3d drafting for architects and property managers. So if you need any help with those items then just shoot me a message. Also if you need any work done then let me know as well.

Here is a picture of my 2d character that I created in sketchup. I created characters for everyone in my office and it was way too fun. I will conclude with one photo of my most recent project.


Who are you, who, who? Hello - I’m Andrea
What is your industry and profession? art
Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? Professionally
Why do you use SketchUp to make plans of buildings & 3d models for work
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner,
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? no !
What is your current set up? Macbook Pro 16gb Ram Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB El Captain

I’m a novice with sketch and hoping a few people can help me get unto speed


Who are you? My name is Jake.
What is your industry and profession? I am a Contractor, builder, remodeler.
Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? Mainly for work. either to show renderings to clients or to design and come up with ways to build things. Layouts etc.
Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? My favorite thing is being able to make mistakes digitally before they have a chance to happen in real life.
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner, intermediate, advanced? I’d call myself a begginer except I have been a beginner since 2013. I have gotten pretty skilled at being a beginner, Quicker and more efficient at the simple task but not really expanding on the difficulty of tasks.
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No
What is your current set up? Computer type, SketchUp version…etc.486 Sketch Make, PC. I am not really a computer guy, just good at most things.
Do you have a 3DW page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? No I dont, just lots of files.
Anything else you would like to tell us? I need an architect to make me county ready plans or I need to figure out a way to make to scal models on 11x17 paper that will be accepted by the county as blueprints.
What is your favorite Emoji? Dont do emoji really


What is your industry and profession? I’m an old retired fart. Too many years as an I.T. ‘guy’

Where do you use SketchUp? At Home - for projects I have or intend to build, to test design concepts, and to keep the hamster in the back of my brain spinning in his cage. I’m currently evaluating my own designs of slightly scaled up “larger sized” ridiculous Tiny Houses to make them “just big enough”…

Why do you use SketchUp? Because I still can - A mind able to visualise in 3D is a terrible thing to waste. I started using SketchUp after early versions were released many years ago, but have never found worthy excuses to spend time on layout and ruby thus far.

My current set up? I’m using a cheap laptop from Walmart. I’m suspicious anyone who uses ‘designer’ hardware. I’ve never setup a website to post my work or “show off” — but I am curious about where/what is considered a really good place to do so.

Anything else I would like to tell? I’m not diminutive or a ‘dwarf’, but I have been called ‘Grumpy’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do I enjoy long walks on the beach…? Sure. What sane person tries to fight that stereotype? If you are female and suddenly yearn for tiki huts on the beach in the moonlight, go ahead and forward your email. I might get back to you… :heart_eyes:


Howdy folks…
Im totally new to sketchUp approx 10 hours used, and never used a 3d program in my life. Im use to 2d like visio for years but this is wild.
Glad to be part of the new community and hope to be able to help and learn…
]/[ aka Grumpii


Hi all, I’m Stuart - just got into home 3D printing as a hobby and Sketchup seems well liked in that community, so I’ve watched and worked through all the intro tutorials and am in the middle of designing my first own-design print.

I’m still a raw noob though, so plenty of questions to follow !


I’m a retired network engineer who got fascinated with Sketchup some years ago. Retirement removes all the barriers and my nephew is contemplating building a new house so I have incentive. I have the most basic version (Make?) now on a windows computer and I’m an absolute beginner.


My name: Jaak Aavik
I earn my living teaching AutoCAD and SketchUp in a small IT company Usesoft Ltd, located in Tallinn, Estonia. I am trained also as industrial and graphic designer.
I use SketchUp for training and teaching. I write my training workbooks myself and at the present time I plan to write a short book for beginners. In SketchUp I like most its ease of modeling compared to other 3D programs.
I consider myself quite proficient/advanced. I even tried to learn the Ruby language, but it appeared too difficult for me.
I use Windows 10 and the latest SketccUp Pro release…


My name is Andy Gradoville. I am the Virtual Design & Construction Manager for Lueder Construction out of Omaha, NE. I have been dabbling in Sketchup for about 10 years and use it both personally and professionally. I consider myself an Intermediate user as I don’t use it exclusively in my profession. I also have been a designer for the past 21 years and utilize the Autodesk Building design suite as well.
I use sketchup mainly because of the speed it allows you to design in. I can easily throw together a very detailed site logistics plan, incorporating models from other software as well as Geo location information in very short order in sketchup. Sketchup also allows me to quickly model up massing models and animations for owner presentations.
I have not attended a Basecamp as of yet and I’m not sure that it is in the business’ budget in the near future, but I will continue to try to get it on my schedule. I do watch all of the Basecamp videos that I can find though.
I love to help others learn sketchup. I am actively teaching my daughter to use sketchup for use in her school work. I also volunteer at our local DoSpace. This an organization that allows access to 3d printing as well as design for free. It’s a great way to pay it forward and help others learn about and get engaged in 3D design.


Hi My name is James I have just discovered the joys of Sketch Up I am an Open University Design Student I am still finding my feet with it and look forward to learning more I live in South West Scotland and work in Social Care but looking to change employment more later


Who are you, who? I am @LuizUriarte

What is your industry and profession? I work with interior design

Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? I use both personally and professionally

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? I use to develop environments and I like the flexibility in work or study.

How proficient are you in SketchUp? I’m a Beginner.

Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No.

What is your current set up? Pentium i5, 8g memory ram with Windows 10 and sketsup 2015.

Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? No, I don’t have.


Hi I’m JohnG Test Engineer by day and DIY king the rest of the time. I have been using Sketchup for home and hobby since it first was offered so, so long ago :). I use Solidworks at work but find Sketchup to be much faster to get my ideas down ad off to the 3D printer or 4 axis mill ( Roland MX-540). Though I have been using it for a long time I would say I am a intermediate skill. I run it on both Windows 10 and OS X systems. I Export a lot to STL files for 3D work. Designed my house remodels and deck using earlier versions and many house projects. Looking forward to this forum.


Howdy! Just beginning to dabble in Sketchup. I work at a vintage hifi shop in Austin Texas, and am looking to draw up replacement bases for vintage turntables, and possibly speaker cabinets. I’ve never submitted drawings for production before.

I contacted a local shop, and received a quote to cnc mill a simple box that is 17" x 17" x 6" and made from 3/4" birch plywood. They charge a minimum of $90 for programming, and about $125 for cutting and materials. This is just for delivering the cut parts. $215 seemed like a lot to me. Be curious to hear from others on this. Especially if they know of any specific shops in Austin.


Hey, I’m Hannah :raising_hand:

I’m a SketchUp baby learning to grow my skills. Those skills relate to landscape design and learning more about landscape architecture in case I want to pursue another degree one day. I work in the landscaping industry as a designer and I feel SketchUp could really help me WOW :scream:. my clients.

So far, I have only made 2 SketchUp creations, both of which are landscape designs. My favorite thing is the ability to change design elements quickly, though I’m still learning how to make my projects in the correct scale and use reference images.

My set up is pretty slow, so I spend a lot of time waiting on the spinning circle as the program overwhelms my computer. I’m okay with this because it gives me time to listen to music, walk and sip tea. :tea:

My dream is to be a wonderful landscape designer and feel empowered through design. I want to use landscapes as a means for community building, and I’m excited to meet you all here and build another community with fellow SketchUpers.

My final note about myself: I’m a bit of a zen freak. I love to meditate and practice mindfulness. I’m currently trying to be more generous and give away things in my life. Less is more-- which I think applies to design and SketchUp,too! And, it helps me keep my cool when I can’t get SketchUp to do what I want. :man_with_turban::+1:

Nice to meet you!


Looks like you have used SketchUp both for fun and to get things done! I’m inspired by your work with the program, especially that you used it to remodel your home.


Hey Trevor! I’m a landscape designer just learning to use SketchUp and AutoCAD for the first time. I am the only designer for my small company and I am trying to get us into using SketchUp to be more detailed with projects and to attract bigger clients. What advice do you have for a newbie? I could use recommendations on learning resources, SketchUp tips, or what you wished you had known when you started to design landscapes in 3D!


- What is my industry and profession?
I work for a civil engineering firm as a Planning Designer and GIS Specialist. I use computer graphics techniques to help visualize ideas. 3D models are one of the most effective ways to communicate complex designs. I am also fascinated with future possibilities of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR).
- Where do I use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?
To design and visualize site plans for community infrastructure projects. Such as streetscape designs.
- Why do I use SketchUp and what is my favorite thing about it?
Ease of use or more precisely put, very intuitive user interface.
- How proficient am I in SketchUp?
I am an intermediate user, so my skills are at the beginner’s level.
- What is your current set up?
My personal equipment is a hand me down Dell laptop and on my office computer (HP Z640 Workstation with dual monitors)


I’m Rob Coolidge, a practicing architect in Connecticut. I also teach SketchUp (along with hand drafting) at a high school level at a private school. I’ve also given a training seminar in SketchUp at AIA/Connecticut and maintained a user group for a while.

Who are you:
-Robert Coolidge, AIA
-Architect and teacher
-Professional and educator
Why SketchUp:
-Interface, sweet spot of simplicity and power, and (originally) a natural segue from Upfront software used for 12 years prior.
Been to SketchUp 3DBasecamp?:
-No. I would if I could afford the trip though.
Set up?:
-MacBook Pro 15” Retina Mid ’12 + 20” second monitor + Wacom tablet
Examples on the web?:
-SketchUp portfolio on SmugMug
-Two Family House example
-Five unit apartment example
-Also some occasional examples on my FaceBook page
Anything else?
-SketchUp user since 2003
-Upfront user from 1991 - 2003
-Wacom tablet user since 1993
-PowerCADD (formerly PowerDraw) user since 1988
-Mac user since 1985

-Former member: Mac Consultant’s Network
-Former member: Apple Solutions Provider Network


I’m here too. Just trying to learn.

Who are you:

  • Matt Nelson
  • Sales Rep/ Account Manager
  • Maker
    Why SketchUp:
  • Short learning curve.
  • Basic
    Been to SketchUp 3DBasecamp?:
  • Nope.
    Set up?:
  • Crappy, old, slow Dell laptop.
    Examples on the web?:
  • Smart Citizen SCK Mock-Up


Hola …
I am Vicente Ledezma from Chihuahua Mexico.
I am working in a Design & Construction Company for Industry and mining companies.
I am using Sketch Up in quantification of scopes, takeoff numbers for estimates.
I am advanced user.
I never have been on a 3DBasecamp, It is one of my sweetest dreams.
I am using Sketch Up Pro 2016, on a IMAC 2013 27" and on a MacBook Pro 2013.
I am developing a Sketch Up basis system that allows design and construcción profesionals make their job easier and faster in terms of obtain better results in daily activities… I also like long walks around the woods.