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Hello, My name is Daniel and I am a beginner to sketch up. I am running off of a MacBook Pro Catalina and I have SketchUp Pro 2021. I have been making some designs for my local town and I created a suspension bridge that I think looks great. I am trying to export it into Google Earth but I keep getting an error and I have tried all the tips already on the internet and still no luck. Hopefully I can get some help here.

Are you using Google Earth Pro?

Yes. I just started using it so maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Start a new thread and share your .skp file as well as the exported kmz file. If the .skp file is too large to upload directly to the forum, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

This may be ignorant of me but I don’t understand how to download an .SKP file. when I hit export, I don’t get an option for making it an .SKP file.

.skp is the native SketchUp model file extension. It’s what you get when you Save or Save as… Export is for other file types like .dxf, .dwg, .png, etc.

  • **Who are you?小林电气系列软件开发者
  • **What is your industry and profession?准备开发基于SU的箱体软件
  • **Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally?PRO
  • **Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it?绘制箱体建模,铜排走向,桥架走向,配电房建模
  • **How proficient are you in SketchUp?从SU 4.0起就有接触
  • **Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp?没有
  • **`What is your current set up?SU 2016
  • **`Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us?说不好
  • **Anything else you would like to tell us?EDGE的长度及定位,建GROUP后移动,而这些都不变,比较奇怪
  • **What is your favorite Emoji?RUBY API
  • **Do you enjoy long walks on the beach...?是的

Hello, i am a French amateur historian. I run a blog about the history of my town : le village de Billancourt
I reconstructed the old medieval farm that used to be in my neighbourhood, from descriptions of 18th century texts. I modeled it with Sketchup… Here it is . I am not really happy with the visual result. I wonder if anyone could spend some time to render it in a more realistic way ? That would be great !