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Hi, My name is Howard,
I am a Maine boatbuilder, so I do better with tools

than a key board.
I have used SketchUp for 10 or 15 years, always designing things I wanted to build, never taking the time to learn how to use the program efficiently. So here I am, a beginner with many hours using the program. That being said I have designed and built many projects successfully, from boat shops to boat components. But I do have fun with SketchUp want to learn how to use it proficiently.
I enjoy long walks in the woods.



I’m a long time Vectorworks user who has been learning Sketchup for about a month. I just started working at a landscape design firm and we currently use the 2019 version. I have been wanting to learn Sketchup because it is a software that everyone seems to use. I realize that Sketchup was developed as a 3D modeling software first, however at our firm we use it extensively in 2D. I have been learning the software mainly from my boss since most of the educational resources concentrate on the 3D capabilities. I wish I could find more 2D focused tutorials.

Liberty Rucker

really important to understand groups andcomponents, but for demolition work use of tags and colour by layer worth investigating too

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for boat building have a look at curviloft and slicer extensions

Love your website Iwan :slight_smile:

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