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Hi, I’m Dave and I am new to SketchUp.
I work in manufacturing for an instrumentation company in Massachusetts, USA. I wish to commence my sketchup experience by designing an instrument chassis based on aluminum extrusions. Does anyone have any tips to help get me started?


Welcome Dave. Start a new thread in the SketchUp category to ask your questions. If you can share images of the sort of stuff you are trying to model, that can help a whole lot. As for the basics of using SketchUp start with learn.sketchup.com

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Hi everyone … I am new in this forum.

I am a professional media producer. I own and run a company called Innovia House Media Production and I produce almost anything related to video productions, audio productions, graphics and VFX, though I am concentrating more on producing documentary films, music videos, TVC and graphics design.

I have been using creative softwares that are related to production/manipulation of audio, video, graphics, images, 3D since 1989 when all software were still DOS based. Nonetheless I mostly consider myself an amateur and a hobbyist even though sometimes I use some of my other softwares professionally like Vegas Pro, AfterEffect, CorelDraw, Sound Forge, etc.

I am learning to use SketchUp Pro mainly for my personal needs and projects. After learning SketchUp Pro I will start learning Cinema 4D.

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hi there

my name is Andy mclucas. architect. very early user . done some drawings and now can’t find?
also when I did last find said needed to update program . I think I’m subscribed to pro. any help appreciated.

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hi there simple question. which is the best sketch up program for sketch, working drawings

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Its best to post this question in a new post. Anyway, I recommend to go with SketchUp Pro if you can afford it.

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Hi, I’m Rick. Old sketchup artist re-learning. I used Sketch-up back when you could integrate kerkythea back in the day.



Kerkythea still works with SketchUp. I use it with SketchUp 2021.


Maybe someone can help point me in the right direction…I am using Sketch-up make 2017. How do I integrate Kerkythea into that and how do I install new textures?

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Should really start a new topic instead of going off topic here. Go to the Kerkythea website, Download Kerkythea and SU2KT.rbz Install SU2KT via the Extension Manager in SketchUp.

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Greetings all! Sorry I’m late to the intro post! My name is Braden York.

My life is quite complicated. I live in such a way as to find myself needing to learn new things on the computer. It started with making music using a DAW (Presonus Studio One) and then I needed to start editing photos, creating vector graphics, and simple websites (Xara Designer Pro - no coding required) and making videos (NCH Video Pad, Davinci Resolve). Now here I am needing to create construction documents. To put it short, I live with several brothers and sisters in Christ with my wife and son and we travel the world preaching the gospel, doing construction, drilling water wells in south America and a bunch of other stuff– its a long story but glory to God that I was once and slave and now I am free!

I’d say that SketchUp is more of a personal thing because, for the jobs we usually do, an experienced builder wouldn’t even need to scratch his ideas on a napkin to finish, but this time we are building an entire house from the ground up! We still don’t “need” prints, but for convenience and for talking things out with the customer, we’d like some drawings. So here I am to learn.

I’d say I like SketchUp because its fun to create things and help people figure out what they are looking for through visualization. SketchUp is super easy to use and was very easy for me to learn. The amount of users and people willing to answer my questions has made the learning curve very smooth.

I would think that I am at a beginner- intermediate level since haven’t messed with making complex shapes using only the native tools hardly at all.

No Base-Camps yet!

Running a Windows 10, MSI GS66 Stealth SketchUp Pro 2021 (subscription)

I don’t have a 3D warehouse page yet, nor do my websites contain anything involving SketchUp or 3D modeling, but you can listen to some Christian music I have made at https://pilgrimlodgeoriginals.com

Ever seen a forklift driver forget to put the landing gear down when he’s got like 10,000lbs of lumber on? It’s not cool…


Hi. my name is Brian. I am a very elderly woodworker which I do as a hobby. I am hoping to be able to use Sketchup to produce drawings for some projects I have in mind.


Hi, I’m an architect with about 45 years experience, with pencils only, and new to Sketchup. This should be interesting!


Hi all;

greeting from Indonesia

My name is Iwan; I graduated from architecture school in 2008. After years passed, I fall into the trap of the architectural visualization industry, where sleep is a forbidden word.

I know SketchUp since version 4, when the internet still baby, when downloading 3MB mp3 songs took months, when Valentino Rossi is called “rookie of the year” . It took no time for SketchUp to fascinating me with the ease of use of this software. Sixteen years passed by, and still on my honeymoon with this software.

Nowadays, my team and I use SketchUp daily. Heck, I might actually request the “open sketchup when windows start” button as number 1 priority on the next update :stuck_out_tongue:

From small scale bathroom to 40Ha resort masterplan, we’ve done it [ don’t ask how many cups of coffee being abused on this process :stuck_out_tongue: ]

I haven’t go to SketchUp 3DBasecamp; I took the wrong pillar on the train perron and end up in Hogwarts instead.

My current set-up is three young bachelors from architecture and design interior school. No mouse and keyboard needed; voice command activation. Too bad this kind of device only came on subscription-based, no perpetual license available


Ryzen 7 1700X, 32GB DDR4, RTX 3060Ti [ and yes, I bought it on MSRP, when bitcoin miners still asleep ]

pair it with win 10 64, SketchUp pro 2020 [ all hail classic license ], old but good Thea Render 1.5 [ too bad the exporter is not working with newer SketchUp version ] and D5 render [ because buying Lumion will force us to sacrifice our kidney ]

Haven’t had 3D warehouse page, but download lots of models from it i did. Haven’t write any extension, but i love you guys who make extension for this software. Haven’t had any time to fix our website, it’s still a template from Squarespace, so if you visit it, the page will look like a small restaurant website [ including a portfolio page which only contains food and drink menu ]. go ahead and try :stuck_out_tongue:


Saw a UFO? I can’t deny nor confirm it [ “they” force me to sign NDA about this ]

my favorite emoji ? 2 dots with p

Enjoy long walks on the beach? sure, as long my feet don’t get wet, my sandal don’t have sands on it, the weather is not hot, and there is pine tree everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers folks


Hi, I am a retired Design and Technology teacher of profoundly disabled young people. I used to teach my students how design on Sketchup and create using an early 3D printer. It is over 5 years since I retired and I have bought a 3D printer for home use but am having trouble exporting my designs to STL. I hope this forum will help me get back in the swing of things as I’m rather rusty!
Martin Cooper


hello, my name is andy. i’m a brewer in alaska. i mostly use sketchup for designing and creating models for 3d printing. i’m still using sketchup2015, and am pretty much a beginner.

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hi, my name is precious :blush:

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Who are you, who, who? I’m Andy Barnes

What is your industry and profession? **I’m an architectural designer, changed careers from building at 50 yrs old and did an architectural degree **

Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? **I use SketchUp professionally. **

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? I use SketchUp mostly for concepts, but starting to take smaller jobs through to documentation

How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner, intermediate, advanced? Intermediate

What is your current setup? ** I use/own Sketchup Pro 21 running on a PC Quad I7 Extreme at 4.9gz, 32 gig ram, RTX 2070 Super, 2x Benq monitors**

I have a Website www.smarterliving.space


Hi, my name is Neville and I am 69 years old.
I am the Coordinator of the Willoughby Community Men’s Shed www.willoughbymensshed.com
I am a longtime but inexperienced user who is wanting to know a lot more about Sketchup and use it in representing my design ideas and projects. I plan to ask for help on a regular basis, so feel free to have you input.