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Juste pour information, voici le site pour expliquer ce que sont les 3D Basecamps, @deniswittemann : 3D Modeling Course | About SketchUp Training Courses.

Hello, I am Mats Persson from Sweden.
I have been using SketchUp on and off for more tha 10 years and are doing okay, probably an intermediate user who still need some support once in a while :slight_smile:

I have always used SU on Mac computers and so far it has worked well. Currently I am using a Macbook Pro 13" retina.
I do some primitive landscaping, but mostly designing homes tha I would like to live in my self. I do use LayOut too and have found it a great complement to SketchUp.
Right now I am working on a new home in Sweden.

Kind regards, Mats

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I’m trying to open a file created by Online Sketchup in Desktop Sketchup. Is this possible?

It should be possible. Your profile says you are using SU2020 so if you save the file from the online version to 2020, you should be able to open it with no problem.

I can’t seem to navigate out of online storage area.

On way to do it is to open the file in the online version, click on the menu button in the upper left corner and then Download.

I’ll try that.

Victory! Thank you!

Hello My Name Is Joseph And im A Year 8 Kid That USes Sketch Up For Schools 2021 On A Chrome Book How Is Everyone


Fritz, Designer/Builder of one-of-a kind structures and my own furniture,
PIECES plus by dragonfly design For example

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• Who am I? I am Russell Mills, 78 years old, living in San Francisco USA, and am a retired tech writer in the nutritional supplement industry.
• My background in SketchUp? I’ve used SketchUp 2017 for small woodworking projects at home, but was highly displeased with certain of its user-interface features. However, when I tried a couple of other CAD programs (such as ViaCAD and Rhino 6) I was appalled at their awkward features and by the nearly total lack of well-designed instructional materials. So I signed up for the SketchUp Pro 30-day trial. I’m quite impressed by the instructional videos that are now available, but still not happy about certain aspects of the software itself. Nevertheless, I expect continue with it after the 30-day trial.

• How proficient am I in SketchUp? I’m pretty much a beginner.
• Have I gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No. I’ll look into it.
• What is my current set up? iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015); using a Wacom graphics tablet instead of a mouse; 16 GB memory – 1867 MHz DDR3, 3 TB of storage.
• Do I have a 3D Warehouse page, or a website I’d like to show off to you? Not yet.
• Anything else to say? Yes. I recently bought a SnapMaker 2.0 3D printer with router and engraver attachments. It’s still in the box unassembled until I sufficiently learn SketchUp.

Nice intro, thanks. You should make another post in the forum, not in this topic, to talk a little about the parts that you’re not happy with, as a beginner. Hopefully there is an easy answer to some of your concerns, but also you may be spotting issues as a fresh set of eyes, that may be real issues.

I had a thought about your 3D printer. With the printer you need to figure out how to go from an STL or OBJ file, to a good print. The Snapmaker Luban software that comes with the printer has a lot of features dedicated to 3D printing in general, and their printer in particular. First learning SketchUp, to the point that you have taken care of many 3D printer issues, could be more work than if you learn the 3D printing software at the same time, then in SketchUp you can concentrate on making a nice model that can be exported as STL, and let Snapmaker take care of the printing issues.

Their forum uses the same backend that we use, and so you will quickly become expert at navigating both forums. Here is an example post in their forum:

That one discusses how to use their software to make a hollow 3D print. You could spend a lot of time in SketchUp creating objects with thin walls, but instead you could produce something that is completely solid, and let their software deal with the making it hollow part.

I’ll stop there, that’s already way too much to say in the Welcome page!

Thank you, Colin! That sounds like good advice, and I’ll follow it.


@congodog Nice pieces of furniture!!

Thanks, Built when I retired. The chairs are the real challenge!

  • Who are you? Hello =) I’m Bora from Istanbul, Turkey.
  • What is your industry and profession? I used to teach English but recently I’ve made a career change to work in 2d/3d design.
  • Where do you use SketchUp? Up until now I’ve used it for fun, but from now on I intend to do professional work.
  • Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? Because it’s the simplest most intuitive 3d modelling software I’ve seen. It is simply easy! And it’s versatility is the icing on the cake. Kudos to the devs!.
  • How proficient are you in SketchUp? I guess I’m intermediate. I don’t know every nook and cranny in SketchUp.
  • Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? Haha no.
  • What is your current set up? I don’t wanna share my computer specs. Over the years I’ve used the older versions (back when it was owned by Google), the free web version and Make 2017 but I’m buying a SketchUp Shop today or tomorrow.
  • Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? Not yet but it’s coming soon hopefully =)
  • Anything else you would like to tell us? Lack of toxic people in this community makes me happy :stuck_out_tongue:
  • What is your favorite Emoji? It’s ye good ole smiley face :slight_smile:
  • Do you enjoy long walks on the beach...? You bet!

Hello, my name is Mitch. I’m a tech teacher in Ottawa. My students are using Sketchup to do their architectural design project. I first used it in my class in 2009. The best part was how the students saw and understood the parts of a 3D object because I could rotate it around. Very simple stuff but I was teaching 14 year-olds. My history is design and fabrication. I used Inventor professionally for 4 years. I can teach it in school but Sketchup seems to be much easier to learn since you design in place. I only recently started using it again(because of covid shutdowns). We needed online tools. I was able to pick it up again and stay ahead of the kids in my learning. I really like the component and group tools. Of course, the 3D (and 2D) warehouse is great. Looking forward to do more things with the software.