Welcome Dialog in SketchUp 2016 Make

I just upgraded to 2016 and have a problem getting out of the Welcome Dialog screen! My laptop is a 64-bit HP Envy-360 with a maximum screen resolution of 1366 x 768. (Don’t envy my Envy; the ability to fold the screen all the way around to make a tablet is cute, but it’s under-powered for my needs.) The Welcome dialog is taller than 768 pixels, so the “Start Using…” button doesn’t display, and the dialog cannot be dragged to make it do so. In 2015, the dialog resized to fit, but in 2016 it doesn’t. There is no maximize button to force a resize.
I found a strange work-around; this laptop has a tablet mode, so into I can turn the laptop on it’s side to force the display into portrait mode. Then the whole vertical dimension of the dialog displays and I can get to the “Start Using…” button. Whenever I do this, my wife thinks I’m looking at a Playboy center-fold, and I get a shoe thrown at me.
Please, Trimble, fix this; I use SketchUp a lot, and the pile of shoes around me is becoming a problem.

Does pressing Enter solve things, as a work around?

to avoid the shoe?
it works on a mac…

I’m a PC guy; I’d rather put up with the shoes than pay to much for a mac.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: “To each his own,” she said as she kissed her cow.

DOH! Yep, that did it. Thanks Colin! That’s a much less painful work-around.