Weird Taskbar Behavior

Nothing serious - My 2021 has a weird behavior - it shows as 2017 in the tooltip and launches a new instance when I open another file. Is this normal?
Screenshot 2021-05-25 094755

Do you have Vray loading or running?

No; but when it launches there is another “instance” on the task bar… it’s very odd


Hmmm… Vray does that when it is loaded and you open a model file. I wonder if some other extension can have that effect.

When did you noticed it? Was it working ok before?

I installed 2021 on my home desktop and it happened there- it’s not a real problem, its more an irritation and a bit perplexing!

Do you have Twilight or any other render software?

I have an old Thea license - I’m not even sure it’s on this machine!

Can you show us a list of your extensions? It will be one of those, but if it’s not bothering you …
I get the same thing with both Vray and Twilight, it annoyed me enough to disable vray but I eventually put up with it to use Twilight.

Pretty minimal for this machine!

What is the bottom one?!

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Dave asked - it’s not running - if that’s what you mean?

It doesn’t need to be running, just loading is enough.
Disable it and start sketchup again and see if it is gone.
You can tell Windows to Stack the taskbar Icons so they don’t take up so much space.

Actually I asked:

My bad - LOADED!

So what happens if you disabled Vray so it doesn’t load? Do the extra icons on the taskbar stop showing up?

Yup - I disabled Vray and it shows one instance of SketchUp - very odd. Also by unpinning and re-pinning it has decided that it’s not 2017 any more, which is odd because this machine has loads of versions!

What’s the deal with V-Ray then? Does it add a shell to a SketchUp instance?