Weird problem when unhiding a group


So I was working on a wheel for my car, and I hid the car so I can focus on the wheel more but then I unhid the car and it was at an angle here are some screens

I took a picture before this happened luckily so you can compare


Could you upload the skp file itself? Your images leave me confused about what you are doing because the model is placed differently with respect to the axes in each sub-image. Did you make the car a component before starting to work on the wheel? If not, your wheel geometry may have stuck to the hidden car geometry and warped it. Hiding does not prevent interaction between geometry!


No i made the car a group first


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(deleted the file)


I can’t tell after-the-fact what caused it, but the vertical faces on the right-hand side of your car were shifted up and back relative to the rest of the car. I moved them to align with the left side and cleaned up a bunch of extra fold edges that were created during the shift, getting the attached. I also reset the axes in the car’s group. You had shifted them and that was why I was confused by your original images.

[Edit: skp removed at request of OP]

As an unrelated aside, I unhid the wheel you were working on. It exhibits a lot of “z-fighting” (flashing effect as you orbit) around the center because you have multiple surfaces at the same location. Since you were working on the wheel at the time, I assume you meant to clean this up but found the twisted car thing first.

Edit: on second look, the z-fighting is with the separate rectangular group you have going through the middle of the wheel. Hide or delete it and the z-fighting goes away.


Yes, that group in the middle was used to get the shape of the wheel and as a reference. But thanks for the help!


Can you also remove the .skp file? thanks


Not sure why, but ok…


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