Weird PDF export result - colors


Working on a railing detail on new 2024 version.

I get something weird when I export a 2D view to PDF

The railing is symetrical so I modeled one half, turned it into a component and used the new flip function introduced in the 2023 version (which I barely used). I end up with a much darker color on the flipped side.
elev.pdf (9.5 KB)

Tried to export it from 2022 version, same result. But, If I delete the flipped part and flip it with the old 2022 flip along tool it exports just fine. edit : Seems to work fine randomly after all, get the same problem 5 times over 6. doesn’t seem to come from the flipping tool

Any ideas ?

Here is the file

Flipped railing.skp (162.2 KB)