Weird Paintbucket Colours

When using the paintbucket most of the time if I select an orange for instance I get a shade of blue. When first launching Sketchup the clipart person has blue arms and face. Only started doing this recently, has anyone else had this and been able to solve.
Many thanks

Are you using an x-ray style, or Monochrome?

Just a normal style " Architectural Design Style1" I have tried all styles and settings but to no avail.

A screenshot may help us spot something.

Hi screen shot

Right click on any one of the axis lines, the blue is probably the easiest, and choose reset.

Hi clicked on axis lines but reset greyed out

Well there is some sort of issue as the blue axis should be pointing up.
Attaching the file may help as find the problem.

I`ve attached a video of what happens. I select orange for the fill and it paints blue

Go to the AMD website, get the latest drivers for your graphics card, and install them. Don’t trust Windows to tell you if the drivers are up to date.

Many thanks DaveR updated the graphics driver and appears to have solved the problem
Thanks to everyone with their messages