Weird Layout problem-- when multiple copies of a SU file are in the document, the second copy won't allow me to select it

I have a strange problem that I’ve never encountered in about ten years of using Layout. OS is Macbook M3 Pro, SU and Layout 2024.

When I have multiple copies of a SU document in Layout, on different pages for example, the second one sometimes won’t let me select it or do anything to it – ie, change the scale, change the style, etc. It actually says “no model selected,” even though the blue lines are clearly showing that I’ve selected the model on the page. Screenshot attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve encountered some weird bugs with this new computer and SU 2024 and it’s a bit disconcerting, since I rely on it for work.

It would help if you’d share the LayOut file.

Have you tried quitting and restarting LayOut? Have you tried a cold reboot of the computer?

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I would, but the layout file is almost a gigabyte. I looked into it and I think it might just be a size problem. Because of some layers of graphics I was working with and some high-res tiff images I was using as textures, the sketchup file was enormous. I have re-done it with lower res images, and it seems to be working now. Now working on splitting my layout document into two, because it’s so large, and trying to figure out how to purge the unnecessary file references. Simply deleting the pages they were on, when I split the doc into two, didn’t do anything to reduce the file size. Thanks for your answer.

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Almost a gig is huge! It sounds like your SketchUp file(s) could use some cleanup and maybe the LayOut file as well.

You could upload it to DropBox and share the link.

File>Document Setup>References: Purge.

Note that you shouldn’t have more than one reference to any given SketchUp model in the LayOut file.

Update-- after erasing the pages, I went to document setup, references, and hit “purge.” It took a while, but now the two documents seem to have finally reduced in file size-- what had been about a gig is now two documents that are about half a gig each-- much more manageable (although I may end up splitting into three). Thanks.

I think it must be the textures. I have some pretty fancy modeling in there that I scanned in with a 3-d scanner, but I’ve reduced a lot of that with skimp. Still, the SU file with everything in it is 1.2 gigs. I may look into purging in sketchup as well. Thanks again.

I’m going to guess that your SketchUp model could tolerate a good cleaning and optimizing.

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I purged the sketchup file and went down from 1.2 gigs to 600 mb…so that’s great-- thank you! I still have a few files in this project that are oddly large. Any other advice about how to optimize and clean would be welcome. Thanks again.