Weird exploding behavior? Or I'm kinda dim?

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I have attached a file. It has instructions on the file that read something like this:

I am curious why upon the last ‘explode’ my ‘vertical spline 2’ lines appear to just go poof.

The goal is to create a knurled surface. I don’t know if my approach will work if the lines don’t disappear, but I know it won’t work when they do disappear.

Any idea why I am running into what seems like odd behaviour?

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Chippy Chipster, est.

test Knurl.skp (2.3 MB)

p.s. I never thought I would write ‘Weird exploding behavior’. And now this post is on some ATF server… :female_detective: :male_detective:

It is actually spline 1 that is disappearing, and that is because it is merging with the softened edges of the cylinder. You could just unsoften those edges. Spline 2 isn’t touching the cylinder so those remain unaffected.
You cylinder is slightly off axis too.

So the vote goes for…KINDA DIM…

Thanks Box. Someday I will learn me some stuff…

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