Weird colorful pixels

My sketchup and layout have these weird colorful pixels. It’s in hybrid mode, display resolution is both on medium and output is both on high. Even when I export it to pdf the pixels are still there. Does anyone have any clue to what this could be? Thanks in advance

Try updating your graphics card driver.

Please use ALT+PrintScreen to grab an image of the active window (or Windows SnipTool). Taking a photo of the screen shows a moiré pattern and we cannot see what you are referring to.


I guess I thought that was a cursor. (But I can also see the cursor.)

Is there any overlay enabled ?

Oh yes, I get these from time to time with 24. Always big chunky pixels or block shapes, like a QR code, ususally in bright pink and it always coincides with a graphics lock up of SketchUp. Restarting is the solution I use, however background processes do function, just graphics is frozen. so you can save the file first before quitting. Curious if the OP is locking up too. If not this may be something different.

The one on the left of the image kinda looks like it may be part of a pie menu

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Oh yea. Perhaps a wee lil’ pie menu? (Not displayed at the correct scaling)

ping @curic4su


Based on the description and images of the issue, it appears this unusual behavior is occurring in LayOut. I’m puzzled as to how a Ruby tool like the Pie Menu could be causing this issue in LayOut

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This is probably most likely solution - something driver related.

If not , overheating or a hardware fault

@Chayenne_mft Do you actually have Curic Pie menu for SketchUp installed ?

… and is SketchUp running when you have this problem in LayOut ?