Weird 'always on top' issue Sketchup 2019 Windows 7

I’ve been having this issue for quite some time where sketchup is always on top of other windows even though I’m selecting and working in windows that should have priority.

I’ve made a short screen cap video to demonstrate what’s happening. This happens with a variety of extensions as well as windows explorer windows. I’m on Windows 7 at the office. I don’t seem to have this problem at home on windows 10.

Sketchup Always On Top problem

I’ve tried to google this and can’t find anyone else having this issue. I’ve just noticed that the same thing happens on my colleague’s computers as well.


I suspect an extension is using a Windows API to change how the window behaves, perhaps with the intention to only change the extension’s own window.

I think i have the same problem with V-Ray Next and SU Pro 2018. Both installed as trial, totally fresh SU installation, no other plugins installed, just V-Ray. Win 7 Pro x64 SP1, Geforce GTX 970 (latest driver 430.xx, screen resolution 4k (scaling 100%)).
When i click on the frame buffer window, it gets behind the SU window (even if this is in full screen mode). And when i click again it comes back to the front. The V-Ray toolbars (floating) are also disappearing with the frame buffer window.

Same issue i’m having and its incredibly frustrating! Is there any progress on how this can be avoided?

has anyone figure this one out? I’m quite new to sketchup & been dealing with this kind of problem as well. The frame buffer window keep on getting behind of the sketchup window