Weight and price calculation

How is the cost and weight of a 2 square meter stainless steel cube calculated? Stainless steel specific gravity is 7.9, unit price is 3.9 dollars. Also does it have an extension. ( sketch up version 2017)

I think you need to look into the units of those values. A cube can’t be measured in square meters. A specific gravity is a ratio of density between two substances so without knowing the reference substance it says nothing about the density of steel.

thank you for your attentıon

There are several alloys to choose from, each having slightly differing properties …

The most common alloy specified for use in the U.S. (if memory serves) is 304 Stainless.

Can such a large billet of SS even be purchased ?

304 SS has an average density of 7.9 kg/dm^3, or 7,900 kg/m^3

7900 kg * 2 = 15800 kg

15800 kg * 2.204622621848776 = 34833.037 lb

(That is over 16 tons !)

34833.037 lb * 3.9 dollars per lb =

$ 135,848.84

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