Website images from sketchup models

What is the best way to prepare sketch work so that it remains as a sharp image on a website?

If what you need are JPG or PNG images, you will get the best look if you export a larger (in pixels) image than you need and resample it to the exact pixel size you need in Photoshop or your preferred image editor.


or, export large as suggested and use css on the html file to scale the image to fit…


Do browsers scale images as well as an image editor? SketchUp images are more problematic than photographs, with their large areas of flat colour and black lines. (to add to my previous post, PNG might be the more preferable image format).


The downside of using CSS to downscale an image is that this is client-side, meaning that the full-sized image is sent over the HTTP to be scaled by your browser. Sending larger than necessary images across the web isn’t a nice thing to do to anybody.


for the web, they do it better as it’s non destructive and can vary for the users window size, iPhone v 54" monitor…

as we often see here, sending smaller than necessary has it’s downside as well…


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At least, i understand, we agree on that scaling images up is not to be recommended…

My HTML skills are rusty, should try to make a page with two images side to side to compare.


Hi John, Anassi and Steve,

Many thanks for your thoughts.

My web designer set up an easy upload page with the images beig re-sized automatically.

For some reason the one I uploaded oday was blurred (pixelated

I shall research the image size and dpi (from previous uploads) and try reproducing that apparoach.

Many thanks again.