Web vs Desktop - materials

Hello, I just downloaded Pro for my MAC. How do I know if the web version or desktop version is opening? Also in my materials, I am not seeing how to upload a new one…it is looking the same as when I used the trial. How can I upload a new material?

thank you!

The desktop version won’t open in your internet browser. The toolbars look different and there’ll be a row of menus across the top.

there are several ways to create new materials in the desktop version. I like to use File>Import and apply the image to a face in the model.

You might want to spend some time going through the SketchUp Fundamentals at learn.sketchup.com

Thank you! I was a wiz at SKP years ago and so much has changed! Will look into these fundamentals. I liked having the materials saved to build up a library and use on other projects. I hope there is a way to do this!

It hasn’t changed in the nearly two decades that I’ve been using Sketchup.