Web Dialog freezes up

I built an extension that uses a web app for user interface, shown in a web dialog.
The problem is that when I close the dialog, and then reopen it using ‘dlg.show’, it show the web app but it is frozen or unresponsive. If I change the show_url to ‘about:blank’ it clears the window, but changing back to my web app on ‘’ doesn’t show a responsive session of my app. I thought it might be the web app it-self that is the problem, but I can start a new (responsive) session in IE while the unresponsive session is being shown in SketchUp. Pressing F5 to refresh also causes the interface to become unresponsive. Restarting the web host does make the it become responsive again, after pressing F5 to reload the web page. Any help will be appreciated.

No one else has this problem?

Maybe you’re thinking it could be a problem with the web app? I’ve tried about every thing and ruled that out. Because the web app is still responsive in IE.

I use ‘/#hashtag’ to push information to my app from SketchUp.

Also if I close SketchUp and reopen it everything works fine again until I try to refresh or close and reopen the web dialog. If I hit F5 to refresh again after the web app is frozen, the web dialog goes blank and the cursor turns into the wait cursor. If I let it sit for about three minutes like that, it again ‘thaws’.

I’m about ready to release my extension and this is one last unacceptable glitch. I can hardly ask my users to restart SketchUp, or even worse the Web App Service.

I don’t know what else to try… is this a SketchUp problem? I’m changing the category to technical.

not sure if it helps, but I always treat SU as if it was a server…

that means it’s severing your web app and that means it’s possibly a ‘same domain’ [or lack of it] issue…

if you run firebug lite in the webdialog, it should show any errors when you try to run the web app…

just a thought from a mac person…


I’ll try that.

Finally got to the bottom of it. It seems my web session was initialized differently in SketchUp than in IE. I needed to add a line of code to my app to specifically show the default web page. It seems it couldn’t do it by it’s self!