We don't need no stinking drones for pointclouds

Hah! Do you still use widdle, toy drones for your LIDAR point cloud surveys? REAL men use freaking Bell Jet Rangers with suitcase sized, green lasers capable of penetrating water to see into the abyss.

Now THAT’s a LIDAR scanner! (Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor Grunt)

…but seriously, we’ve been watching Connecticut DEEP surveying waterways around us along the shore for a couple days. I looked up what they’re using, and it’s called a RIEGL VQ-840-G

They must end up with one heck of a point cloud when they’re done.


Did you shoot the photo of the helicopter?

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Yes, Nikon D7100 with a 70-300 zoom. It was my flagship camera from 2014-2019 when I bought a Z6. I keep it lying around with the telephoto attached for birds and other wildlife in the yard, but it worked well for this too.

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you should be careful with green lasers.

by the way, Does anyone have news from the LIDAR surveys of Alderaan, Scarif and Jedha ? asking for a friend



The Finnish National Survey is in the process of scanning the whole country in rather high resolution (I think it was something like 3 points per square meter). I think they are using similar equipment , possibly from an aircraft. As something like 75% of the country is forest they are even able to filter away the trees to reach the earth surface. Awesome, I think.

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same in france, pretty sure it’s on a plane though.

This is the demo they put out to show people what they were doing.


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