Way of hiding omnis for export line drawing

Hey guys is there a way of hiding all your omnis at once without having to move your camera? I want to import this as a line drawing as such but the style is saved so that the omnis are on and its ready for rendering. So if I hid them and then clicked the style again they would re appear.

Select the lights and assign them to a new Layer.
Set the Layer visibility to OFF
Update the Scene.

haha I don’t know why I didnt think of that sooner! I usually draw on layer 0 thats why but i guess its a good method to be able to organize your light fixtures! Thank you


I’ve noticed, by way of your screenshots, you have a formal method of organization in the Layer manager.
But it appears quite often you change the Active Layer to one other than the Default Layer0.
Might I ask…

• Were you taught this technique by others?
• Did you devise the method all on your own?
That is, it seemed logical based upon your experience with other software.

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Well yeh at first I would create layers based on what I was building but I found with sketchup this is too difficult sometimes especially if you work with components inside components and then groups etc… It gets complicated and so usually experts say build on layer zero or devise a strategy where a multiple floor building is separated into two layers one for the bottom one for the top and etc… So I’m just following what people have recomended to me and devised a method that works for my purposes! :slight_smile: Besides that we were taught that there should be a layer for every item and I don’t believe sketchup is made for that. Us designers we use other softwares such as autocad which is usually the place where we would organize our layers best!

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I gave you a link some time back to the help files for how to use layers in Sketchup because it was obvious you were using them incorrectly.
The do not separate geometry, the only make it hidden or visible.
I will give you the same link again, what you do with it is up to you.