Watermark Location


Having some trouble getting the watermark to locate at the bottom of the printed screen. You can see from the attached screenshot the watermark is located at the very bottom right corner of the screen and when printed out should be found there. However, you can see from the print preview screenshot that it is getting centered along with the rectangle on the screen. I have tried minimizing the screen because SU prints what is on the screen but that didn’t help.

Any ideas?? thanks for the help


Would only let me post one screenshot at a time so here is the shot showing the watermark moving up the page with the rectangle in print preview. I can’t figure out why it won’t just print the screen instead of kind of centering the image.



Change your SU-window to the aspect ratio of your paper…


Ok how do I do that. Thanks for the help


Quick way: draw a rectangle with the paper aspect ration and drag your windows frame until the edges of that rectangle aren’t visible anymore.