Warehouse objects have poor visibility

I have imported some plumbing fixtures into an architectural model. Now I am attempting to dimension and annotate the floor plan view in Layout in a construction documentation style but the profile of the plumbing fixtures do not show up in this style. Is there a way to make these objects show up better without having to change the style?

Can you include the file, or a screenshot, or the link to the warehouse file? Something to go on. Guess would be that there are hidden or softened edges in the fixtures.

Probably their edges are hidden. Unhiding the edges would help in a case like that. It seems to be a common thing with components in the 3D Warehouse.

It’ll also help to turn on Profiles in the style. Set them to 1 if you don’t want the thick edges.

As EF indicated, it would help us to help you if you provide us with a link to the components you are using. Or better, yet, share the LayOut file.


I was able to go into the warehouse components and select edges to unhide them. I attempted this before unsuccessfully but realized this time it takes some digging to find the affected faces/edges.
Thanks much for your help!