Warehouse Models Vs Apple Apps store model?


I have always wondered what would have been great for innovation with SU would have been a similar model like the Apple App store.

Imagine if SU warehouse was a “buy” store on models, lets say $1 for a model download. ( Some models are fantastic and a lot of time has been spent ). 30 cents goes to SU and 70 cents goes to model maker. This would have created a whole new industry within SU, you see a PLUG IN STORE and MODEL STORE would have been awesome. I myself have many models on my Collections and many thousands of downloads some around 30,000 downloads, some models are very complexed and very usable for others, I have likes everyday.

I would have loved to have got some income for this and make it my job, I would be quite well off and it would have funded me to create more models.

I am sure many other SU pro people and developers would agree, The Apple store brings in billions for developers and at a low cost to purchase in most instances.

Love to hear other peoples opinions on this.

The big problem is that anyone who has downloaded a model can just publish it for free somewhere else. This would require a way to lock models so they only can be used by those who has a license for it.