Warehouse model excess space within group

Downloaded this kids playroom model. How do I edit and get rid of all the extended blank space that’s selected (enclosed with the group) when I click on the model. Is there some small object out there that’s grouped with it? This happens a lot with certain models, like there’s some orientation point or something inherent in the group.

Turn on hidden geometry (view menu), look at the Layers panel and make sure any and all layers are visible, in the View menu make sure Guides are visible, open the component for editing and drag a right to left selection window from the part of the model you want to keep toward the lower left corner of the screen. Check Entity Info to see if there’s anything selected. Hit Delete.

If I got the right model, when I do this there are 3 edges selected along the component’s red axis with a total length of .0867 meters.

That worked. Thanks Dave. Appreciate your help.

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