Warehouse, geolocation, .... do not work properly



warehouse, geolocation, … are not showing properly. Upon startup they all show blank window.
I suspect a java problem.


What version of Internet Explorer are you using? Which version of SketchUp?


sketchup pro 2016
IE 11.0.33


make sure Javascript is enabled for IE…

it is a completely different language to Java and is needed for all SU Web Dialogs…



John is right! javascript was unfortunately named. It has nothing whatever to do with the java language. The list of basic differences between them is extensive, ranging from strongly-typed (java) vs untyped (javascript) to core syntax to pre-compiled (java) vs run-time interpreted (javascript) to fundamentally different concepts of what an “object” is.


On windows, you can type control-L while the blank window you showed is there for Add Location and try going to https://www.google.com/maps/ . Does a map show up? What happens if you type that same url into IE 11? That must work before you can use Add Location.


scripting is enabled
when using the ctr-L command: this works
and afterwards the url works and maps show.


OK, so I’m presuming javascript is enabled now, too: to confirm, control-L, http://www.isjavascriptenabled.com/

If it is, then you should be able to go to the add location url.