Warehouse for company internal model archiving



We have been using SketchUP for a few years now in our
company and have created some larger and smaller models during that time. Now
we are looking into archiving those models and details in order to access all
that work company wide and not to lose them on individual machines or in
project folders. Most of the models we have created are for clients so posting
them on the WWW is not an option.

My question is whether there is an option of using the
warehouse platform or program just within our company for company internal
model storage, without access to or from the WWW? We have about 850 staff and
an elaborate server system, which will allow for more complex program



Hello ajay,

Perhaps the best place to begin is here:
Terms of Use: SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse Web Site
Notice there’s contact information within the document.


Is there a reason you can’t just save them in a folder on the server?


If you have the server capacity in house it seems you the have the option to control your own destiny vs some one else.
What about version control, permissions. That size staff I would assume you have dedicated IT person or have some one contracted with you and they can configure approach for you. I found in the past the suppliers selling you the hardware, software etc. will give a lots of " free" help.


Thanks for the quick responses.

Yes, we could save the models on a server folder and just
browse through all folders and sub-folders to get the models we are looking
for. However, from past experience with drafting personal I know that this
system would not go very well as everybody has their own preferences and
thoughts on how to organize content.

The idea of using the Warehouse or a similar program was to
make use of the search and preview tool, allowing for quick searches and also
to drop the model right into the active model. That would save us a lot of time
while setting up new models.

In case Warehouse is a modular application running in server
environments, I thought it may be possible to implement that application on a
local network and pointing it to local content. That would probably require
some add-on programming in order to distinguish between the web and local
warehouse version.


Hi Mac,

Sure, we do have IT staff and they would have the pleasure of implementing that. But you got a good point to involve them as they are dealing with other network programs and services as well. Thanks for the hint.


Depending on whether you’re interested in more features than just backup, the newly announced “Trimble Connect” system may be of interest.



Thanks for bringing TC to our attention Marc.
What an amazing tool !


Hi Marc,

Thanks for pointing me into that directing. Will have to look into that in more detail.