Warehouse "bugsplat"


I had downloaded a collection of office furniture. When I added the above item, all I had downloaded was wiped out, and download from Warehouse would no longer function. What’s up? (No, I didn’t get the Bugsplat screen.)


Flat out, it’s a ■■■■ model. When it comes into the model it is located a long way from the origin. It’s nearly 5 miles to the right of the origin and over 7 miles behind it. There’s stray geometry which accounts for the excess size of the bounding box. Uneeded geometry in the table. Texturing is poor and because it is such a simple model, I don’t think it is worth the trouble to fix.


Thanks DaveR.

So are you saying when I clicked on zoom extents, my earlier work wasn’t wiped out, but was simply too miniscule to notice?

Can that model be removed from Warehouse?


Most likely that’s what you were seeing. It’s not unusual when there is something located a long way from the rest of the model.

I think only the author could remove it from the Warehouse. Well, someone on the Warehouse team might be able to do it but would only do so if it violated some rule. Unfortunately this table, while not being a good model, doesn’t actually appear to break any Warehouse rules.

This is a good poster child component illustrating why it’s a good idea not to load components from the Warehouse right into your main model. Instead, you should open them in a separate file so you can check them out to see if they are usable or worth your time to fix. When you are satisfied with the component, copy it into your main model.


Thanks DaveR.

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