Wanted: MakePrintable testing by SketchUp Mega User

Hi Everyone,

I’m Josh from MakePrintable. We are looking for one mega user of SketchUp to use our software plugin with the models they make and have made. We need detailed feedback to make it better and improve our software.

What is MakePrintable? MakePrintable is a file/model fixing software to make your model able to be 3d printed. Models may have triangles backwards or holes in the model that will affect the print.

The person selected will recieve a nice package from us to represent MakePrintable.

If you are interested please send me a email with the following criteria.

  1. Name, Years designing, Profession
  2. Pictures of your work
  3. What you can do as far as input to provide feedback and ideas to us.

Email: joshuah@mxd3d.com

Also for anyone who uses our software. Please share below your thoughts and experience with MakePrintable.

Does this person have to use Google Sketchup? Or could they use a more current version since Trimble bought Sketchup some years ago.

For this we are looking for a SketchUp user to test the plugin. We are always open to any feedback from anyone who wants to share their experience with the software they are using.

I think you missed the subtly of @DaveR point. You are calling it Google Sketchup when it has been Trimble Sketchup for quite a few years now.

Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were referring to a different software. If you are able to use our sketchup plugin you do qualify. Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the clarification. I see you’ve edited your original post.

I’d be happy to try out the plugin if you want.

Please send an email with the above criteria. Thanks