Want Volume, Can't seal a group with sloped face. Help?

I’ve redrawn every line, been thru all faces and edges. Do sloped edges not allow volume measurements since this is a faces based software?
Slab.skp (109.2 KB) )

When you burrow in to the innermost group deal with the things that are preventing it from being seen as a solid…

Then the volume is shown in Entity Info.

You can get Solid Inspector2 from the Extension Warehouse. It’ll be quite helpful in these kinds of situations.

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Check out TIG’s Insepct Gap and Close Gap on Extension warehouse, also as suggested use Solid Inspector too.
There are numerous plugins does face making there as well.
Once it’s a “solid” you can have your volume

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Thank You both, I try to make due without extensions when I can. I very much appreciate your speedy support!

You could do what I did without extensions but you have to know what to look for and get rid of.